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I am offended! Empty I am offended!

Post by Guest on 2015-02-21, 17:15

A Metalized version of the Gladiator theme hits, as the crowd starts cheering intensely. After some seconds, GiwRgos Mars appears on top of the ramp, same appearance as the first time he had come out tonight. With his appearance the crowd's pop becomes intense, and "Mars's night" chants break out.
He starts walking towards the ring, looking at the fans. As he arrives, he asks for a mic and waits patiently for the crowd to go silent.

Mars: I know, I know, I was out here just a while ago. But commercials interrupted me and so many things happenned in the mean time, so I felt it was only fair to come to you again. I am sure you guys don't mind.

Crowd starts chanting his name. He smiles before continuing.

Mars: You see, Prayme put a bounty on me. Bah, you were there, no recap needed. Gonna say it straight: I am worth more than 10.000$ you clown!!! Like, that's how much the medication of everyone you send to me will cost. Not good business, boss.

He starts walking across the ring as he speaks.

Mars: Then Ronnie Steeler came out and warned me that he has the Destiny case. Well, thank you Captain Obvious! You can cash in anytime! Wow, what valuable information! Well, bring it on! Anytime, anyplace, I will destroy you! I am the MOST VICIOUS, THE MOST INTELLIGENT....

Crowd: The most complete man in Sports Entertainment...


Crowd goes wild too.

Mars: See, HELENA? That's why I am champion of the world. Because the people want it. Because I have worked my behind off! And the fact that Ventura hates his dad is not going to overshadow my biggest night till the next one!

He takes a deep breath before continuing.

Mars: And to clarify myself the Titanium championship is not a title for midcarders. You just happen to be challenged by midcarders, people that don't have what it takes but think they can face you. Well, I suspect this isn't the last time I say it but, if you have a problem with me being world champ, just come out and say it. It would be my pleasure to be looking at you.

He grins as the crowd starts chanting for Helena.

Mars: There are some other things to adress, like my Prison Break match against a random opponent... who I suspect is Chilean and has already held the world title...

Crowd starts booing even with Henlar's presence being hinted.

Mars: But I think I got enough things off my chest already. Final message: Whoever wants 10.000$, try and win it at a casino. It will be easier. As for my opponent for today... just remember, kicking your butt will be just business, don't take it personally.

He exits the ring, high fives a couple of fans and goes backstage as camera fades to black.


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I am offended! Empty Re: I am offended!

Post by Guest on 2015-03-09, 18:24

good to go!


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I am offended! Empty Re: I am offended!

Post by Henri Black on 2015-03-10, 00:05


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I am offended! Empty Re: I am offended!

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