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New Management for MWA and TCD Empty New Management for MWA and TCD

Post by Prayme on 2015-03-12, 22:42

Becky Brown theme song plays projecting the loud sound from the speaker all over the arena.

Ramon Sucre: Here comes the woman in charge of Montreal Wrestling Alliance while the Big Boss is absent for business.

Rick Love: And she is doing good so far, I heard they will be announcing a General Manager for TCD tonight.

Ramon Sucre: I think this is why she is coming to talk to the fans.

Becky makes her way to the ring under the mixed appreciation from the crowd.
Becky climb the steal steps as the ring announcer hand her the mic.
her music slowly fades out as she begins to speak.

Becky brown: I'm not the type of person who like to give you a loud speech and talk how amazing we are and all the blah blah!!!

Ramon Sucre: Atleast she's honest.

Becky Brown: So let's cut the long boring and go towards the point!

Rick Love: I'm falling for her!

Becky Brown: So if you watched out first show of the season...we were under who? Anarchy! from where? Mental Asylum Division!
And I had to say the Torture Chamber Division did great to bring justice to their attack...yea they went to MAD and cause chaos as well...why?
Simple we MWA/TCD we work like that An Eye For Eye a Tooth For A Tooth!

The fans start to chant MWA over and over.

Becky Brown: But we don't want this to be out of control...and I received a call from Mr.Rosario.

The crowd start booing.

Becky Brown: And he hired a man who also love to deal with these type of men...who also like to manage shows...He is a man with power and ambition...a man who saw the vision of MWA with TCD and he wants to take part of it...he wants to deal with wars...with any kind of problem...the man is the new General Manager of TCD. So i would like to give him a warm welcome to the business IDRIS JACKSON!!

Idris Jackson makes his way to the ring with his suit and his cigar in hand.

Rick Love: He looks a bit like Mr.Rosario don't you think?

Ramon Sucre: If it's because of the cigar that you're saying that...well I 100% agree with you Papi!

Rick Love: No dummy the way he dress his attitude already bossy and looks like he knows what he is doing.

Idris Jackson enters the ring and kisses Becky on the cheek with a warm hug.

Becky gives him the mic as she exit the ring heading for backstage.

Idris brings the mic to his chin.

Idris: Thank you Becky! I really appreciate the warm welcome. Let's get down to business...I'm not here to play around with anyone...I'm here for the best of this company. Torture Chamber Divizion is the present and future of this company and I will make sure the wrestlers that will perform in this ring are worth watching them performing...I will make sure they give the show you guys are paying to see!

the fans cheers.

Idris: We want the best nothing next week at Torture Chamber show I will fire people and put some wrestler to the test and if they fail...they will get fired as well.

Rick Love: I call that a cleanup!

Ramon Sucre: He reminds me of an anti-virus that i had on my computer.

Rick love: Shut up Sucre!

Idris: That's how bad I want their success..that how bad I want this company to reach the highest level..and if it's not today or tomorrow it will be someday and this day will come as long we keep working hard...If anyone in this arena or watching on internet or anyone backstage is not happy with what I'M saying you can always come to see me at my office we will discuss it!

As he finishes his phrase his theme song hits as the crowd cheers for the man.Cameras slowly fades to black heading for commercials
MWA Next Generation!
MWA Next Generation!

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New Management for MWA and TCD Empty Re: New Management for MWA and TCD

Post by Prayme on 2015-03-16, 02:02

update and feedback anyone?
MWA Next Generation!
MWA Next Generation!

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