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Where were you Empty Where were you

Post by Guest on 2015-03-15, 20:52

The arena lights turn off as a red fog covers the stage when a cloaked figure walks out a spotlight shining down upon him

Distorted voice:"I'm not a debuting superstar I'm a known athlete who I thought was well respected and revered. All that changed at the end of last season, I got myself into a match with a mad man known as Henri I lost that match and not only that I lost myself. Thanks to you so called fans, you see I was blinded by fame and success and love I never for one second thought that I'd be betrayed by those same people. Where were you when I was at Henri and Chris' mercy where were you when Henri dragged my limp body to the back well I can thank someone.......thanks to Henri my eyes are open and I realize that what I once held as true were lies. All you "fans" lied to me giving me false hope that you'd be there if something went wrong, but now I'm by Henri's side for he alone knows the truth with no false promises. I am a new man no more respect for those in the back who left me at my weakest I've been reborn into something different and soon you'll see a new side of the man formerly known as Nic Nitro"

The spotlight fades and the smoke clears when the light returns Nic is gone


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Where were you Empty Re: Where were you

Post by Henri Black on 2015-03-20, 03:05


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