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Where is he from Empty Where is he from

Post by Guest on 2015-03-16, 04:23

The camera fades into the parking lot as a man wearing a suit exits from his car. He gets out with about two body guards and walks down to the backstage door. They mumble something to the security and enter. The camera follows them back stage as they are stopped by Rachel LeBlanc

Rachel LeBlanc: Ladies and gentlemen he has finally an official wrestler in MWA. The man that has crossed a few oceans and flew a long way to be with us is finally here. Ladies and Gentlemen please put your hands together for Mr Sam Haze.

Camera shifts the camera onto Sam Haze as he removes his sunglasses

Sam Haze: Hello, Rachel. How are you doing?

Rachel LeBlanc: It is an honour to have you here from the other side of the world. What is your opinion on MWA?

Sam Haze: Rachel, i have been ordered to make my way over here and settle some business. I guarantee my fans here in Canada and my fans back in Australia and all those fans from around the world that i will win tonight.

Rachel LeBlanc: Any opinion on your opponent tonight?

Sam Haze: Rachel, you guys probably don't know Sam Haze in MWA and let me get things straight i don't talk about my opponents and i don't give them much opportunity, I do my talking in the ring and i will win this fight and defeat my opponent tonight. It will be a strong, solid and impressive victory for UAW.

Sam Haze and his entourage witness a security walk past and stop him, asking him for directions to the locker room. As Sam Haze is having a conversation with the security. The camera shifts and focuses solely on Rachel LeBlanc.

Rachel LeBlanc: That is all the information i could get from Sam, i will try to catch him after his match. Goodbye from me.


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Where is he from Empty Re: Where is he from

Post by Henri Black on 2015-03-20, 02:50


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