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Bury the past, Life to be remained

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Bury the past, Life to be remained Empty Bury the past, Life to be remained

Post by Guest on 2015-03-17, 15:19

The camera comes back stage to a dark empty cellar room where A figure of a man is seen surrounded by candles and standing in a bath of blood with his head down. as the camera moves forward it moves around the fully clothed wrestler showing it to be Kevin dark

Bury the past, Life to be remained Crow

KEVIN DARK:" My last few matches have shown me the worse thing possible. It has started to show that the master himself has not been watching for many moons now.. it has left me in somewhat of a bad state of reputation."

Kevin moves his hand in the bath of blood making it ripple around the rusty old tub. Looking back up to the camera,its clear to see the marking on his face and scars from before.

KEVIN DARK:"Was i ever the masters  hand picked demon? Why does he not talk to me any more? And when he does he only tells me i am in love..ARGGHHH!!"

Hitting the blood with his fists making it fly out of the tub as he stands and makes his way out, feeling love for the mortal he frowns looking over at the red lipstick over on a shelf

KEVIN DARK:" This place has become two dark,hell has released two many darksiders into the light and no one can stop them, the peoples souls are now at risk!

*Waking over to the small gap window in the north wall he looks up as the moonlight hits his face.

KEVIN DARK:" What is to become of the people what is to become of me..."

The camera moves back and fades


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Bury the past, Life to be remained Empty Re: Bury the past, Life to be remained

Post by Henri Black on 2015-03-20, 02:39


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