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Torture Chamber Fighter Not staying quite.Christian Key

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Torture Chamber Fighter Not staying quite.Christian Key Empty Torture Chamber Fighter Not staying quite.Christian Key

Post by Guest on 2015-03-19, 02:00

Don't Close you eyes by Beautyfull Blonds blast's threw the P.a. Sparks shower the tron as Christian Key Comes out wearing back wrestling pants with two union jacks each side, Black arm pads, White boots and a Black tank top.

Ramon Sucre:" Here Comes one of the underdogs of the chamber. Still in training but out to tell you like it is tonight."

Rick Love:" That's right, we have not seen much of this young lad but tonight he makes himself known for the second time."

Chris heads to the ring,sliding under the ropes saying something to the fans before taking a mic and lifting t to his mouth as fans quieten down. He talks with a strong English accent.

Chris Key:" So yeah a lot of you people don't know a lot of the guys in the back from the T.C.D But i am one of them and for the last year i have been back there training my ass of yeah, and working hard to climb up and hopefully be in the spotlight right."

The fans cheer as Chris moves from one side of the ring to the other for a few moments and looks back up at the fans.

Chris Key:" So here's what i figure yeah!, I am lusting for blood..I am willing to spill blood for the fans, and to make some real cash bro yeah!..So if there's like a manager back there watching from the T.C.D I want a match from eather tonight with another rook back there or next week Yeah so come on out here right now and tell me what you going to do bro.. you going to give me a shot or not!!?"

The fans all chant fight as the lights flash around and the camera moves to the entrance to see if someone comes out.

Rick Love:" A bold statement by a rookie here tonight but what will come of it.

Becky's theme song plays as she walks out from backstage with the new team of security with a mic in her hand.

Becky: Cut the music!

the music slowly fades out.

Becky: Mr.Key Am I right?

Chris Key: Yeah!

Becky: So if I heard right you want to fight right? So since you're so hungry to fight and desperate to shine...I will give you a shot.

Chris is happy from the response from the management.

Becky: And your match will start right now...against...

a moment of silence.

Becky: Tacita Iraaaaaaa!!!

Tacita Ira theme songs plays as he makes his way to the ring with his hammer in hands

Ramon Sucre: Oh...Hell no Papi! Have you seen what Tacita did to his opponent earlier?

Rick Love: hard to forget he clearly made history by beating his opponent in less than 20 secondes!

Ramon Sucre: May the gods be with Mr.Key!

Rick Love: If i was him I wouldn't even try to fight this super human!

Becky: Good luck


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Torture Chamber Fighter Not staying quite.Christian Key Empty Re: Torture Chamber Fighter Not staying quite.Christian Key

Post by Henri Black on 2015-03-20, 03:12


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