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Post by Jason Storm on 2015-03-20, 16:35

The screen comes to and we see Reaper rushing towards the backstage. As he is running, he pushes people aside, searching for something. He continues until he comes to a man holding onto a clipboard wearing a headset with a MWA official t-shirt.

Reaper: “Where is Jason?!”

Reaper continues jogging through the backstage of the arena until he catches up to Jason Storm. He extends his arm and grabs a hold of his shoulder, spinning him around to face him.

Reaper: “Where is it?!”

Jason Storm: (confused) “Where is what? What are you talking about?”

Reaper: “You know damn good and well what I am talking about.”

Jason Storm: “Listen mate, whatever you are looking for I don’t have.”

Reaper lets go of Jason’s shoulder.

Reaper: “So you are just telling me that my title goes missing during that blackout and you, who was at ringside next to it the whole damn time, has nothing to do with the disappearance of it.”

Jason Storm: “Exactly, just because I was there, doesn’t mean I stole it mate.”

Reaper: “I find that really hard to believe that you. You have been eyeing my title ever since you joined MWA!”

Jason Storm: “First of all Reaper, if I wanted your title, I wouldn’t have to steal it. I simple would just beat you in a match for it…."

Reaper interrupts Jason

Reaper: “You...beat me…in a match. That is original.”

Jason Storm: “Oi! You know bloody well know that I have what it takes to beat you!”

Reaper: “Good one. Anyways, I would like my title back now ‘mate’!”

Jason Storm: “Like I said before, I don’t have it, nor do I know where it is. Now bugger off, I have more important things to do then stay here and get accused for something I didn’t do!”

As Jason turns around and starts to walk away from Reaper, Reaper once again grabs Jason’s shoulder and turns him around. This time, he slaps him in the face. We can see by the look on Jason’s face that it did not go over well with him.

Reaper: “Don’t disrespect me again Kid, I have been at the top of this company for years now and I deserve respect from everyone here, including jobbers like you!”

Jason Storm: “Respect? Respect isn’t given to people, it is earned mate. And as far as you being on top of the MWA Mountain, you better watch out. Because you keep acting like this and going around accusing me of stealing your ‘precious’ title, then I will have to knock you down from it. Now, like I said, let go of me and bugger of this time…for real!”

Once again, Jason turns around and starts to walk away. Reaper seems to be getting really annoyed towards the disrespect from Jason. All of a sudden, Reaper runs toward Jason and knocks him down onto the ground.


Reaper continues his beat down on Jason Storm. After a few seconds, a few security guards rush in to help Jason. As the guards are trying to hold back Reaper, Reaper inevitably knocks them all down and continues his beat down on Jason. After a few more seconds, Reaper stands up and looks around the backstage area for something. He walks over to the side and grabs a folding chair. He walks over to the downed Jason and lifts him up and leans him up onto the wall. He grabs the chair and rams it in the midsection of Jason, causing him to lean over and grab his ribs in pain. After that, Reaper throws the chair on the ground and grabs the head of Jason.

Reaper places Jason Storms head between his legs and grabs a hold of his midsection and lifts him up so he is upside down. Reaper then positions himself over the chair and drops Jason Storm down, head first, onto the steel chair executing an ULTIMATE Pilerdriver on a Steel Chair.

Reaper stands up as Jason Storm is still lying motionless on the ground. He sits down next to his head and lifts it up. As he lifts his head up, we can see that there is a rather large cut on his forehead that blood is pouring out of.

Reaper: “I like the way you bleed kid. All you had to do was just give me my title back and all of this could have been avoided. But no, you can to be a Barney badass and deny everything. Maybe next time you will show me a little more respect and tell me the truth.”

More security guards rush into the scene and grab a hold of Reaper and push him away from the unconscious body of Jason. As the guards take him away, a team of medical personnel surround Jason to try and treat his wounds.  

Reaper: “Fear the Reaper evermore Jason!”

Reaper laughs sadistically

Reaper: “Fear the Reaper!!!”

The screen turns to black as the picture of Jason fades.

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