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Exposing the business Empty Exposing the business

Post by Guest on 2015-03-20, 18:27

" Hands on the bible by local h starts to play as Jax Reynolds walks down the ramp. He makes his way to ring and slides in a staff member hands him a mic. Jax lifts mic up to his lips as looks around at the fans holding up Jax Fn Reynolds,son signs. Jax lets a sigh and begins to speak."

Jax: Ok here we go again...I'm Jax Fn Reynolds,Son.

" A. huge cheer pop from the fans. Jax just stands there and rolls his eyes as he fans cheer"

Ramon: He doesn't seem to happy with that.

Rick: The fans are setting him up to be a one hit wonder.

" Jax begins to speak again as the roar of the crowd beings to die down"

Jax: Yeah that was fun, wasn't it. Truth be told the higher ups here in mwa have a whole list of crap they want to speak about
" Jax pulls out a piece. of paper from the back of his pocket and begins to read it then out of nowhere. he rips it up and throws it in the crowd."


Ramon: What's he doing?

Jax: A bunch of blah blah blah so mwa canmake a quick buck off making me look a joke. Ions shoul


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Exposing the business Empty Re: Exposing the business

Post by Guest on 2015-03-20, 18:39

(Sorry can't really type much on phone so guess it a two parter)

" Jax turns to ramp looking at the camera and points to back"

Jax: Why wait till the ppv. Ronnie Steeler come out here. You see fans as you all know I'm facing Ronnie in a loser retires match at the ppv but what you didn't know was MWA wants me to lose retire and return under some dude mask. Well I say ok lets do it now, hell I already been Mystic Ninja once no big deal. So put a mask on me make out to be mute and bring some asshole out to my doctor..Yeah bright idea there boss man!!

" Jax then lays down in the middle of the ring"

Jax: Come on Ronnie! I'm doing what on woman hasnt
done for you and just lay down and take it. Come on !

Ramon: Cut to comertial

" The scene cuts to a to a break as MWA backstage staff run down to stop Jax from talking more"

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Exposing the business Empty Re: Exposing the business

Post by Prayme on 2015-03-20, 19:51

Hajajajaja last part killed it!!!
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MWA Next Generation!

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Exposing the business Empty Re: Exposing the business

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