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A shadow of a former champion Empty A shadow of a former champion

Post by Guest on 2015-03-21, 13:32

The camera show us Loki in backstage talking to Miss Maskara.

Loki: I am gald that you are doing so good lately.

Miss Maskara: Well it's all thanks to my partner, we practice a lot.

Loki: Yeah, it was a very creative idea to make a tag team with another wrestler that has a mask on him. Why you guys do that again?

Miss Maskara: Do what?

Loki: Wear masks?

Miss Maskara: It's an old tradition of Wrestling, back in mexico you cover your face and that represented some sort of honor.

Loki: Interesting, i neved heard that before.

Miss Maskara: Really!? That surprise me is like one of the first thing i knew about wrestling.

Loki: And where is your mask-partner?

Miss Maskara: I think he said something about Henlar...

Loki: Oh yeah, they are both chileans, right? Today he has a big match against that hot girl Helena.

Miss Maskara: Against who?

Loki: against... mmm... oh look there they are!

The camera show another part of the backstage where we see Henlar and Montoya one in front of the other. They seem to be discussing. After a moment Henlar gives his back to Montoya who put his hand in his shoulder to stop him and Henlar punch him hardly and then start to kick him in the ground.

Loki and Miss Maskara rush to the scene quickly to help Montoya.

(Henlar continue here Very Happy)


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A shadow of a former champion Empty Re: A shadow of a former champion

Post by Henlar on 2015-03-21, 18:37

Miss Maskara: What the heel are you doing?

Henlar looks with a hatred face to Miss maskara who put herself betweet the 2.

Montoya: What happen to you? You are not the one who invited me to this federation!

Henlar: Stop with your sensitive (censored) Montoya! I am sick of everyone here and their stupid honor and pride things.

Henlar stop for a second to see Loki near the scene.

Henlar: You!

Loki funnily look behind him pretending that he doesn't know to who Henlar is talking and then point himself with his finger.

Loki: Who? Me?

Henlar: Don't pretend you know nothing. It's all your fault! If you wouldn't interrupt that time nothing of this would happen.

Loki: You blame me for losing a one on one at the IPPV? I lose too and i am not beating up whoever i see backstage.

Henlar: You are someone i am seeing right now.

Henlar start walking fiercely towards loki when a dropkick that Miss Maskara execute from behind make him fall.

Loki goes towards Montoya and Miss Maskara and a furios Henlar stands up.

Henlar: You guys ask for this.

Henlar approaches Miss Maskara
and gives a blow to his throat executing a light Throat Thrust
Henlar stands firmly on the ground and gets ready to hit Loki
Loki parryes the blow with his arms, stopping the Back Spinning Wheel Kick
Loki grabs Henlar raising him up onto his shoulder so Henlars head is down his back
then grabs his opponents head under his arm and drops him onto his head from an incredible height with powerful Air Raid Siren

Becky Brown see the four of them fighting and call the security.

Becky Brown: Hey all of you split up!

The security guards take Henlar first and drag him out of the scene, while the others stay there.

Becky Brown: What happen? Why all of you where fighting?

(Loki continue and finish)

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