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TCD Calls Out MAD!

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TCD Calls Out MAD! Empty TCD Calls Out MAD!

Post by Prayme on 2015-03-23, 20:07

Back from commercials and a part of the torture chamber Division took control of the ring as one of their top speaker begins to speak.

Miss Maskara: So we heard some M.a.D guys were spotted around the arena of Montreal!

the crowd cheers.

Miss Maskara: So why these guys don't come down here and settle this like true warriors of the ring!!

Ramon Sucre: So MAD is here Papi and there is going to be blood all over the ring.

Rick Love: And this is how things are going to be settle! They wanted this and TCD won't back out.

Miss Maskara: Come out you pieces of (censored)

As soon she finish her phrase the Anarchy music theme song hits the speakers of MWA.

Kraz J,Samhain,Ironbeard,Ghost,Ripper,Havok and Thee Don Black Widow appears on the ramp.

Ramon Sucre: Oh shet Papi! This is going down! It's going to happen!

Rick Love: But Torture Chamber is outnumbered!

Anarchy begins to walk slowly towards the ring

Miss Maskara drops the mic and gets on her fighting stance with the rest of the team.

Kraz J rushes the ring followed by his team sliding in the ring as the brawl begins.

Kraz J spears Miss Maskara to the ground

Ashiga welcomes Samhain with a big boot to the face.

Ghost and Ripper dropkicks Ashiga down on the mat

Sanji Date reaches Havok's head with a spinning wheel kick

Thee Don Black Widow surprises Sanji Date with a low blow from behind.

Ramon Sucre: Anarchy is having the upper hand!

Rick Love: We need security down here!!

Kraz J gives the order to finish them with weapons.

Ghost and Ripper goes outside of the ring and pulls out a table from under the ring and slides it in the ring.

Havok rolls out of the ring and picks up a chair and goes back in the ring.

Havok waits for Sanji to get up and nails him with the chair busting him up wide open!

Ghost and Ripper sets the table in the middle of the ring as Kraz J lift Miss Maskara by the hair

Ramon Sucre: SECURITY!!!

Rick Love: Wait! Is this Montoya and....

Ramon Sucre: They are joining the resistance against MAD!!!

Suddenly Montoya appears from backstage and rushes the ring followed by The Brave Hearts

The three men slides in the ring and knock Ghost and Ripper down on the ground.

Ashiga gets up and save Miss Maskara from getting powerbomb on the table.

Ashiga and Kraz J gets into a intense fist fight.

Montoya engage a fight with Ironbeard

Thee Don Black Widow is about to interrupt Montoya move but Miss Maskara grabs her by the hair making her fall on the ground.

Ramon Sucre: This is it I'm going in!

Rick Love grab Ramon by the shoulder and sits him back down.

Rick Love: Sit! The! (censored) down!

Security team rushes the ring and tries to stop the fight

Rick Love: This isn't going to end well!

Ramon Sucre: Man!! We should head to commercial and hope this ends well!

Rick Love: Yea I think we should!

The camera slowly fade out showing The two groups parts way
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