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New Torture Chamber Division Empty New Torture Chamber Division

Post by Prayme on 2015-03-24, 00:54

The Torture Chamber is my pro-wrestling dojo where the rookies learn how to be a pro wrestler,to become a better wrestler,to become a better entertainer ect.

What I'm planing to do with this division?

I'm willing to have that division of None TWG accounts in our fed its kinda your alt not obligated to role play for it
its more for the show kinda like WWE/NXT no much talking more action. You can also have your main character in that division
this is nothing bad with that youre not being seen like a jobber or something and don't be afraid to be in that division I personally prefer to be in that division or even better start from the bottom and reach the top. It opens possibilities for your gimmick and builds up your background for feds.
Leave your ego at the door!

What I want from you it's to create another gimmick - have a picture for it.

What I'm going to do with these gimmicks?

Have them in matches most of them for intro of the show and sometimes job for you.
It more to add value to the show for a start and maybe later we could build a second official show in the fed but I don't plan that for now
we will see what the future has for us. Priority MWA Main Roster New Torture Chamber Division Icon_twisted

Don't get too distracted by it this is more our personal entertaining idea for our shows New Torture Chamber Division Icon_smile [ don't focus on it ]

so tell me what you think and post your gimmicks whenever you want New Torture Chamber Division Icon_smile under another topic.
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