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Post by Prayme on 2015-03-24, 00:57

Name: Christian Key


P.O.B: Manchester England
Alignment: Face-tweener

weight 218lbs

Entrance Song:"Just close your eyes by Waterproof Blondes

Character:Seeks gold,loves to work with the fans but never misses a chance to kill the spotlight.Always looks to go higher,faster and be better!.

Style: High flyer/tec

Signature: Christian gets to the turnbuckle,seeing the guy run,Christian moves hitting him with a big kick to the back of the head,as the guy falls,chris climbs the turn buckle landing with a big splash on top of his opponent. ((London Wheel))

Finisher: Christian Key hurls the leg preparing the blow
and hits *() with a  Roundhouse Kick to the gut,Grabbing ()arms flips around and land the guy  with a face slam on the ground hitting a(( Twisting  metro Face Off.))

Gearing up his legs and getting the fans behind him..Christian awaits a groggy opponent and spears him to the floor with a ((English Hello!))

Bio:Trained in  Turning Point wrestling school in London Christian left school after his leaving cert to become a wrestler,following his dream and working part time delivering papers and in bars to fund the training he got his big break when he was seen in a Armature wrestling compation in Germany. He always strived for more.Always loves the spotlight and doing what will make him famous.He had his first title match back in Germany for the TGWS and won in a 5 man all out war match beating all 5 men,never known for one falls only he loves going to new heights and testing himself to the limits.Moving to the states after been funded by his current manager to  hopefully become bigger.
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MWA Next Generation!

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