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Post by Guest on 2015-03-25, 06:55

*Bartolomeo is seen backstage, seemed angry, then Rachel heads up and says*

Rachel Leblanc: "Hey Bartolomeo! I wanted to ask you about your match tonight with Helena Noir vs The-"

Bartolomeo: "GAAHHH, that stupid b**** I asked... for a match against Helena, NOT with her... clearly she didn't get my message last week..."

Rachel Leblanc: "Bartolomeo! calm down... all you have to do is just suck it up for one night and you'll get it at the PPV."

Bartolomeo: "THE PPV??? I don't give a damn about the PPV... god, I swear this management is screwed... a possible match with dollar signs all over it, and they decide to put us in a TAG team match?! god damnit..."

*Other wrestlers seem to be watching Bartolomeo raging, they leave the room, Rachel seems a bit embarrassed then says*

Rachel Leblanc: "Look, I am well aware you don't like the idea of this match... but I am pretty sure you saw my interview with Helena earlier, she said she doesn't plan to tag you in and she will do all the work herself... you can just sit back and watch if you want."

Bartolomeo: "Why I never heard of such a ridiculously-

*Bartolomeo pauses for a second, thinking... then he evily smiles, coming up with a plan, then says*

Bartolomeo: "... Brilliant plan... thank you so much Rachel, I'll repay the favor to you when I have the time... but until then, thanks for the idea!"

*Bartolomeo rushes out of the room, Rachel is confused at just what happened... appearing that the interview is over, it cuts to the next scene.*


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