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Raging Ronnie Empty Raging Ronnie

Post by Guest on 2015-03-27, 21:19

The camera fades backstage showing the stuff placed on the corridor: folded laders, chairs and tables, piles of boxes here and there, on the white brick wall there are small paintings. There are also some doors leading to different maintenance or control rooms of technical equipement. The camera turns and shows the other side of the corridor where Ronnie Steeler is walking, wearing his usual attire. His face expression makes it clear that he is not in a good mood, after a better judgement, choleric actually. As he comes closer to the camera it can be seen that he is mumbling some words. Out of the blue, he drives his right foot into a box placed at his left. His foot goes right through the soft cardboard, as he pulls his leg out he also hammers upon the upper cartons with his fists. After destorying the cartons he continues to walk until he stops and shouts angrily.

Ronnie Steeler: How the [CENSORED] did I lose?! I'mma [CENSORED] kill him next time!

He keeps walking until he reaches a door on which is writen "Janitor's room". Ronnie stares at the door for a second and the he kicks through it getting his leg stuck. Struggling a bit to pull it out but he manages and then he kicks the door again, only this time closer to the knob breaking the door open. Having the door opened, he walks into the tiny room which is full of brooms, mops, plastic buckets, detergents and other sorts of chemicals used for cleaning. Ronnie takes a broom, breaks it on his left knee and keeps on doing until several mops and brooms are broken in half laying on the ground.

Ronnie Steeler: It was [CENSORED] impossible!

He looks around and finds some tools placed on a shelf. After a moment of hesitation he extends his right arm and grabs a hammer, then he quickly moves out of the room. Being back on the corridor, he keeps walking arching his back and lightly swinging his arms. When he comes across a painting he just smashes it with the hammer without looking at it, making it fall to the floor.

Ronnie Steeler: I could've chosen the way to win! Arrrghhh!!

Just as he finished saying this he notices that Ventura's locker room is at his left. 

Ronnie Steeler: Now you are [CENSORED]! I'm going to murder you!

Ronnie looks down at the hammer he's holding, and with a quick movement he turns it so that now the thinner part of it in front. With a swift movement of his arm the hammer smashes through the door creating a smal hole. He looks throught the whole to see if Ventura is inside.

Ronnie Steeler: Here's Ronnie!

Quickly getting upright, he gets angrier as he realizes that the locker room is empty. Because of this, he violently starts hitting the door with the hammer creating a continously enlarging hole in the door until it finally is big enought for Ronnie to fit through it. Getting inside, a comfortable and well decorated locker room is revealed. A big sofa is placed to the right wall with a small old-looking tea table in front on it. Above the sofa there is a darts with a picture of Prayme Rosarios attached to it, one arrow landed right into his left eyeball. On the wall facing the sofa a big LED TV is mounted. Around the LED there are posters of great wrestlers, rappers and of Ventura, under it there's a benchpress with a barbell packed with, what it looks like 210 pounds. At the right side of the sofa there's a piece of furniture full with the trophies Ventura has won along his career. Ronnie goes to the benchpress and starts unloading the barbbell packing the weights upon each other with the heavies ones at the base, when he is finished he takes the smaller weights from above and throws them like a frisbee at the piece of furniture full of Ventura's trophies. As he keeps throwing bigger and bigger weights, the trophies break or deform worse and worse. A last weight is kept which he throws at the LED TV which also breaks. Ronnie then gets on the sofa from which he jumps onto the tea table which crumbles under his weight. Noticing the posters he goes to the wall ripping them off leaving behind those with Ventura. He takes one of the posters with Ventura goes to the middle of the locker room, pulls down his pants and suddenly the screen goes black and after 5 seconds it switches to the commentators table.

Rick Love: Oh, God! I hope he's not doing what I think he's doing.

Ramon Sucre: Dios mio! What a sick guy this Ronnie is!

Rick Love: What kind of brain would even think about doing something like that?!

Ramon Sucre: Papi! It's like my brain shut down!

Rick Love: Well, it usually is. But how in the world... I-I-I don't even have the words to tell what's going on!

Ramon Sucre: I think nobody will want to fight for some time from now on...

Rick Love: I believe nobody will even just want to be around him. But actually, his fight is up to come!

Ramon: Lord have mercy for those guys!

Camera switches to another segment.


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Raging Ronnie Empty Re: Raging Ronnie

Post by Guest on 2015-03-27, 21:21

I think this is one of my best rp's in terms of vocabulary and description.


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