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Post by Guest on 2015-04-01, 23:00

*the Cameraman walks into the locker room, and sees both Rachel and Bartolomeo talking to each other, noticing the cameraman Bartolomeo says*

Bartolomeo: "Huh? can you leave us for a minute or two please?"

Rachel Leblanc: "Oh right! I was meant to interview you earlier Bartolomeo, now that the cameraman is here... I'd like to get started, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy our little chat though."

*Bartolomeo along with Rachel stand up, and the cameraman start recording, the interview begins.*

Rachel Leblanc: "Okay, I'd like to ask of your opinion after your match with King Krimsin, do you think you did well in that match or no?"

Bartolomeo: "I could tell you, but I really don't care about my match with King, not that I am satisfied or sad about the outcome of the match, it's just a setback to the one true match that should've been given to me last week."

Rachel Leblanc: "Oh, you mean the Last Blood match you demanded? usually some requests are made to be accepted, but it seems management did accept your request for a last blood match, you did tell me before they didn't tell you when it was meant to happen."

Bartolomeo: "But... that match would've been something everyone wanted to see... everyone would pay to see that match, the damned title didn't have to be on the line, as long as I had the match that'd be fine-"

Rachel Leblanc: "Yes, and that is why they saved it for the PPV, it's called the PPV for a reason... all great matches are meant to happen there, not the weeks before... PPV is a major money point and your right about your match, why do you think they wanted it at the PPV? but enough about PPV's, I want to know what your thinking, do you really plan to go all-out against Helena next week? I truly want to know what are you thinking?"

Bartolomeo: "I'm thinking... of many plans, but one major plan that could just work... that could not just change our rivalry, but this federation forever... but that's not what you want to hear, next week... I'll show everyone that I am not just some stupid rookie, I have something to prove... I have a intelligent mind, I can be as mean as any evil man, I can be as kind as any old lady, I can be as smart as Stephen Hawking, I want everyone to know who I am... Helena has proven her point and yet the title has corrupted her way of thinking... she jokes around too much, don't take stuff seriously... why do you think back in week 2 I tried to force her to fight me in my territory? Of course I would expect her to back down, she doesn't take me seriously, she thinks I am just a push-over... Helena, can be something much more... and yet her ways are just... corrupted."

Rachel Leblanc: "Woah there Bartolomeo... that was just a mixed sentence... I honestly don't know who you care about more, Helena... or yourself?"

Bartolomeo: "Both, and Helena is the only way through to getting everyone to see... and even if I do fail next week... I can think of a thousand plans until I eventually get what I want... but, I think I already explained on my behalf to your question... so I believe this interview is over."

*Bartolomeo is about to walk out, Rachel tells him to stop for once second and then says*

Rachel Leblanc: "Could we continue from our old talk... later on this night perhaps?"

*Bartolomeo nods then walks out the door, Rachel smiling... and the camera then turns black.*


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