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Post by Helena on 2015-04-03, 04:50

As "Noir" by Shandon starts playing out from the loudspeakers, Helena Noir appears on the stage, and quickly walks towards the ring, without wasting any time.Once in the ring, she raises the microphone. As the camera closes up on her face, she looks furious.

Helena Noir: "Cut it! Cut it!"

The music suddenly and abruptly stops, and so does the crowd's noise.

Helena Noir: "I'm not here to complain, I'm not here to whine, and sure as hell i'm not here to tell you how badly I want to get my hands on Bartolomeo and ruin him. In one week, he will have his fifteen minutes of pain, and trust me Bart, they will look like hours for you... Tonight I'm here make my compliments to our beloved, and luckily enough soon to be former, acting General Manager, Becky Brown. Congratulation Becky, with your amazing booking skills you just ridicule all the hard work I've done to give credit to this company, and this title."

She raises the Titanium Championship over her head, without stopping her speech.

Helena Noir: "Two rokies, two jobbers who lost in the most embarassing ways to almost anyone here in MWA, including the Torture Chamber Division, pinning the most dominant champion in wrestling today, ending my undefeated streak. Do you really think things would have turned out differently from what happened? Did you really think Bartolomeo and I could get along? Or perhaps, this was your plan from the start, making the kid you are granting way more opportunities than he really deserves, look strong, giving him a chance to shine, making these fans believe that he actually has a chance to beat me at Dawn Of Champions."

She finally lowers her arm, resting the title over her shoulder.

Helena Noir: "Unlike what you may be thinking, I don't want you to come down to the ring and explain why you booked that crap one week ago, I don't want you to answer me with some smart talking, speaking about what's best for business or (censored) like that. I just want you to listen. I want Bartolomeo to listen. I want the sweet Rachel to listen. And I want everyone in this arena and watching at home to listen. I'm going to ruin you Bart. I'm going to make you regret you ever dared to challenge me. I'm going to make Becky feel sorry for allowing me to do what I'm going to do to you."

She pauses for some seconds. Not a single whisper is heard in the arena.

Helena Noir: "And you can bet I'm going to go down in the history of MWA as the ONLY Titanium Champion."

She throws the microphone out of the ring, and rolls under the bottom rope, quickly walking up the ramp
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