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Interviewing the Mars

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Interviewing the Mars Empty Interviewing the Mars

Post by Guest on 2015-04-04, 18:57

Rachel LeBlanc is seen storming down a hallway in the backstage area.

Rachel: Whoever had this idea must be fired.

She stops in front of a locker room door that reads 'Mars'.

She takes a deep breath and enters the room, which though is empty.

???: Looking for something, love?

She turns and sees Mars, in his attire, ready for the match.

Rachel: I was actually looking for you. You owe me an interview.

Mars has a confused look on his face.

Mars: I am pretty sure it isn't in my contract.

Rachel: It is, actually. What's where you put your signature and... this is a PG show. Anyway, do you think that today's Circle of Chsmpions will be a difficult match for you?

Mars gives a good hearted laugh.

Mars: Do l look like a worried man? I am undefeated this season, and I tend to stay that way. They can't and won't stop me. Simple as that.

Rachel rolls her eyes.

Rachel: Next question: What is your opinion on your opponents for today? They are the two champions after all.

Mars You really like pissing people off right? Tell me, do you know who I am? Which title I hold? I am the best. I respect Reaper for his past achievements, and I think Helena is the most dominant person of the roster excluding me, but she can only be on top of me if it is in the bedroom! These two can't and won't stand in my way today, or on any other given occasion.

Rachel: Luckily for me, last question. Speaking of standing in your way, Henri and Nic have proved to be tough opponents for you the last two weeks. Do you think they might cost you the match?

Mars: I'm sorry. Did you say they proved to be tough opponents? I beat both of them without using my finisher. They are no match. Now, if they are such attention whores that they will interfere the ass kicking I will be offering, they will suffer the consequences. Don't thank me love, it was my pleasure, Salve!

He walks away as camera fades to black.

OOC: This was posted 3 minutes before the deadline xD


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