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Reaper's on the main event Empty Reaper's on the main event

Post by Prayme on 2015-04-05, 02:23

Cameras fade in showing Reaper next to Rachel Leblanc ready to get an interview
cheers can be heard from the arena

Rachel Leblanc: What are your thoughts on your match tonight?

Reaper: My thoughts on the match tonight? A money making match 3 champions in the same ring at the same time against each other I see what they did there they want to see who is the champion of champions and there is no doubt it will be me! Where is money there is Reaper money is my drive and nothing is going to stop me from getting my pay check at the end of the night Rachel!

Rachel Leblanc: If you win tonight what it will mean to you?

Reaper: Is not a if I win tonight it's a when you will win tonight what it will mean to you? And here is my answer to that question this doesn't mean (censored) to me I have nothing to prove I mean yeah I'm fighting Helena Noir( mixed reaction from the crowd) who is still undefeated by pin,submission or Knockout but that's because she hasn't met me in the ring. That leads to Mars ( great positive reaction from the crowd ) the man who everyone love the man who took my old faction and destroyed it...lies! The Mercenaries was broken since the beginning...Mars only pressed the fast forward on the destruction and here he is today going in the ring against the best in the business MR.REAPER!

The crowd cheers

Rachel Leblanc: Do you think Jason Storm will be a distraction tonight?

Reaper: Jason can (censored) my (censored) that's all I have to say!

Rachel leblanc: O...kay well that was all Reaper thanks for this quick interview.

The cameras slowly fade to black as Reaper walks away

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