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The answer to all the questions Empty The answer to all the questions

Post by Guest on 2015-04-15, 09:48

'In the City' plays through the arena and boos are starting to be heard because everyone remember it's Maxx Ouellet's music. Maxx Ouellet appears and makes his way to the ring without paying attention to the people who are throwing insults at him. He enters the ring and picks up the microphone on the top right corner of the ring. After a few minute the music shuts down and the boos are louder, Maxx Ouellet looks at the people with disdain as he raises the microphone to his mouth.

The answer to all the questions 0_MAXXOUELLET

Maxx Ouellet: Ohhhh, Did I do something you didn't like at Dawn of Champions ?..

The crowd reacts, of course, not in favor of the Frenchman, of course..

Maxx Ouellet: I didn't hear you! Did I, do something YOU didn't LIKE ?

Maxx Ouellet gets an even more heated reaction.

Maxx Ouellet: Well I don't CARE.

The crowd still boo but quickly calms down to let Maxx Ouellet speaks, finally.

Maxx Ouellet: I'm not going to introduce myself, not because I'm not a polite man, but because all of you knows exactly who I am.. For those of you who wondered where I was for the last 4 years, well.. I retired.

Maxx Ouellet stops for a moment, thinking about what he is going to say.

Maxx Ouellet: I retired back then because I've won it all, I mean, I was champ, I was introduced into a Hall of Fame, I was, most importantly respected and recognized as the most talented and successful wrestler of my generation.

The crowd still listen to Maxx Ouellet, interested by his speech.

Maxx Ouellet: And I got to tell you, I missed, THIS, and that's why I'm back.

Some people are cheering, which a very surprising reaction from the people who booed Maxx few minutes ago.

Maxx Ouellet: I missed those 3 ropes, I missed that mat, this 4 sided ring.. But there's one thing I didn't miss.. And.. That is, you.

Maxx Ouellet points at the booing crowd, people quickly changes their mind in Montreal.

Maxx Ouellet: I didn't miss you for a half of a second, honestly, I don't even like the fact of being in front of you, gratifying you of my presence, talking to you BUUUUUT, I think some things needs to be cleared out once and for all.

Maxx Ouellet walks around the ring, feeling at home in this 4 sided ring.

Maxx Ouellet: Why, oh why did I attack Jason Storm ?.. I don't know him and he doesn't know me, we never saw or talked to each other, but for some reason, I feel like I exactly know who Jason is, Jason Storm looks just like me a couple of years back. He is the same as me, talent and charisma apart, but he is the same as me. I was a big fan of MWA, I watched every show since its start, I saw the debut of Jason Storm, then I saw him again, and again, and again climbing up the rankings, so I came up with the conclusion.. Jason Storm is a sad ripoff of Maxx Ouellet, a poor clone, I can't let that happen. So as soon as I put my signature on my LoC contract, I already knew what I was going to do first, and that is ending Jason Storm's little career..

Maxx Ouellet smiles in the middle of the ring and get ready to leave when Jason Storm's music interrupts him, the arena does not appreciate Jason Storm neither and let Maxx Ouellet and Jason Storm know it. Jason Storm appears on the stage in his wrestling gear looking pretty mad and hurt in his pride, he masses his neck, holds a microphone in his hand and his Intercity title on his waist. He stays on the stage, the music stops and Jason Storm begins to speak despite the booing crowd.

The answer to all the questions 0_JASONSTORM

Jason Storm: Hello Maxx Ouellet, how you're doing ? My neck feels better now thank you, I've had a tough fight a Dawn of Champion, I don't even remember everything, but, I'm almost ALMOST sure you attacked me at Dawn of Champion, correct me if I'm wrong, but you made your "epic" and non anticipated return and.. You attacked me.

Maxx Ouellet: I'm happy I didn't slam your head too hard on the mat.

Jason Storm: Shut up! Who told you I was done with you ? So you attacked me at Dawn of Champion and now you just gave me the most stupid excuse I've ever heard. I'm copying you ? Really ? Jason Storm is copying nobody, and surely not a retired washed up has been!


Maxx Ouellet takes off his jacket, inviting Jason Storm to the ring.

Maxx Ouellet: You should take a step in this ring to see if I'm really a retired washed up has been..

Jason Storm: I was hoping you would say that..

Jason Storm drops the mics and makes his way to the ring determined to answer the beating he received, the crowd gets fired up and as he climbs on the apron, Maxx Ouellet takes his jacket back and leaves the ring, Jason Storm is furious in the ring urging Maxx Ouellet to come back and fight him, but Maxx Ouellet does not even take a look at Jason Storm and goes back backstage letting Jason Storm very frustrated.

The camera fades to black.


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The answer to all the questions Empty Re: The answer to all the questions

Post by Guest on 2015-04-17, 09:54

Updated, tell me what you think Jason, if you don't like something let me know Smile


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