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Christian Key Interview Empty Christian Key Interview

Post by Guest on 2015-04-22, 01:55

Rachel Leblanc stands with Chris Key who is standing in a white top at a red L.O.C backdrop

Rachel Leblanc:" Good evening and welcome to my guest Mr. key. Good evening Chris."

Christian nods and folds his arms

Rachel Leblanc:" Ok so you came back after the your beating by the tac do you feel and what you think the plane is here?"

Christian Key frowns and cracks his neck[i]

CHRISTIAN KEY:" Well Rachel, that's easy..when i was out, i trained like horse yeah? and i am back badder than ever the match i had that night was a bloody mess. i did not get a chance yeah, some tipe of a Joke, Oh lets fool the English bloke! But yeah know what! the next few weeks man I will be taken for real!"

[i]Rachel Leblanc Nods and moved the Mic back.

Rachel Leblanc:" So does that mean you wil be backing your "Brothers" all the way at the heat feuds that's been going on right now?

Christian Key:" Oh hell Yeah, like why would i not right! Listen sweet cheeks, I know its the business and if its a way to prove myself then let it be babe yeah!? But i will say this people. Net week i put out a open challenge to the T.C.D guys for a match with me..1 ON 1 TWO PROVE I AM BETTER AND STRONGER THAN PEOPLE think!"

Rachel smiles and nods as the camera fades


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