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CJ Styles arrives

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CJ Styles arrives Empty CJ Styles arrives

Post by Guest on 2015-04-22, 15:53

*An unknown wrestler is seen walking in the corridor towards the GMs office. He is stopped by an interviewer.*

Interviewer: "Excuse me do you have a minute to tell us a bit about yourself."

CJ Styles: "My name is CJ Styles and I am a third generation superstar. My father Tyson and grandfather CJ were both multiple time world champions in many federations and my goal is to someday be as good as them."

Interviewer: "You obviously have a lot to live up to and clearly there will be some people who will compare you to them. How do you think that will effect your career?"

CJ Styles: "It is only natural that people will compare me to them and that is fine but I hope they don't do it too much too early. I mean my father was hugely successful and will always be great in my eyes but some people might say he was a failure compared to my grandfather. I want a chance to build my own career and to be judged based on that and not in relation to my relatives."

Interviewer: "It is a pleasure to meet you and I wish you all the best here in LOC."

CJ Styles: "Thanks."

*CJ Styles walks towards the GMs door and knocks before entering.*

CJ Styles: "Hi boss. I was wondering if you could think about maybe putting me in a match next week? Maybe give me a chance to do my thing?"


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