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Post by Helena on 2015-04-22, 17:28

Helena Noir is walking backstage, heading to the interview area where Rachel is waiting for her. Suddenly Coach Jose pass her running. When Helena finally reaches Rachel, Jose is still bent on his knees, panting. Helena looks at him, confused.

Helena Noir: "What the hell is this supposed to mean Coach? Why were you running? I made pretty clear with the management, only Rachel will interview me..."

Coach Jose: "You... You are wrong... Miss Noir"

He's still brreathing heavily

Coach Jose: "I'm done.. with the interviews. I'm a wrestler now.... And... I have an interview... uff with Rachel"

Helena Noir: "No freakin' way... Not now! Get lost Jose, or your first match will be against me, and I swear, it will be the last"

Jose stands up and boasts, trying to look threatening. Rachel, barely holding a smile, stands between the two of them.

Rachel Leblanc: "Hey, there's no need for this... Coach, you're tto early for your interview, is set to be in 15 minutes, right after Helena's"

Coach Jose, looks at his watch, and shakes his head.

Coach Jose: "You're right Rachel, I'l wait over there. And Helena, this isn't over!"

He points his finger to the former Titanium Champion, giving her a challenging look, before walking away. As he turns his back, Rachel bursts out laughing, trying to hide it with her hand. Helena seems shocked.

Helena Noir: "Did I just saw Coach Jose trying to threaten me? Tell me this never happened..."

Rachel Leblanc: "Sorry Helena... But this was too funny!"

The Queen Of Pain facepalms.

Rachel Leblanc: "Let's move on"

Helena Noir: "Yes please"

Rachel Leblanc: "Please, have a seat in this beautiful brand new interview zone. Let's start from what shocked the entire LOC Universe, you refusing the Bloody Skull Championship, leaving the title vacant after you defended it with such pride, providing some memorable performances. Why giving it up? Has it something to do with what happened at Dawn Of Champions?"

Helena Noir: "Yes, it's totally related to what happened at Dawn of Champions. Just not the way you are thinking. I didn't give up my title because I feel guilty for what happened to Bart. I made it pretty clear, and so did he. It wasn't my fault, and I was going to do what I had to in order to win the match. No hard feelings. But somethinh happened that night pushed me in this direction"

Rachel Leblanc: "I can't believe you don't feel sorry for your opponent..."

Helena stops her putting her hand on the microphone. As Rachel stops talking, the former champ moves away her hand and grab the mic, putting it close to her lips.

Helena Noir: "I never said I don't feel sorry. I'm a human being, and so is Bartolomeo. What happened to his face was a horrible accident, one of the worst in wrestling history, and surely the worst ever happened in MWA. Everybody was shocked, and yes, that includes me. But from feeling sorry to feel guilty, that's quite a difference... And, if you want this interview to keep going, I'll suggest you to change topic honey"

Rachel Leblanc: "Fine. Then, what lead you to that big decision?"

Helena Noir: "Bisahalani's words as I said, were a great inspirations. And I realized that he was right when I saw the main event, where the shade of a once great and proud warrior, or at least that's what he told us, getting embarassed by some kid with a sort of messiah complex. And then, suddenly every piece f the puzzle just felt in his place. The transition from MWA to LOC, new management, new titles, new competitors, new opportunities. It was the perfect time to evolve, as Bobby said. The Queen Of Pain rightfully belongs to the top of LOC. I gave legitimacy to the Titanium title, I've been the one and only, and therefore the best, Champion ever. Every match I was booked in, was the most anticipated match of the night, and the one all fans were still talking about when they walk out of the Arena. So why wasn't I in the main event?"

She stares at Rachel waiting for her to answer the rethorical question

Rachel Leblanc: "Well, usually the World Champ is in the main event..."

Helena Noir: "Exactly! Whoever is holding that title, no matters if they are some washed up old wrestler, some egomaniac Spartacus ripoff or even a kid who just had a lucky night, will occupy my spot, despite all my efforts. Refusing the new title, was just the first tile on my path to the place where I belong, to take what's rightfully mine"

---will end it soon---
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