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Post by Henri Black on 2015-05-06, 21:11

The camera pans in across a busy street before settling on Henri Black of the Revenants with a microphone in hand

Henri: Ladies and genetlemen, good evening. I am Henri Black and this... is Behind the Superstar! We will uncover the secret lives of all your favorite wrestlers starting tonight, With the Overgiver. through exhaustive research, I have found out that between shows Overgiver is... No, I cant say it. you'll have to wait and see. lets go

with that Henri sets off down the street, Occasionally stopping to speak with passersby

Henri: Excuse me sir, Do you perchance know what MAD is? and its champion, Overgiver?

Passerby: Of course I do! Overgiver is the greatest wrestler in history!

Henri: hahaha, Second question, do you now where I can find the "Soon Fatt" Chinese restaurant?

Passerby: Oh yes, you take the next left, continue straight until you see the post office, after which take the first right and it will be two blocks down on the right

Henri: Thank you sir, You are a gentleman and a scholar. enjoy the rest of your day

As the man continues on his way Henri beckons the camera crew over

Henri: What a moron. A common trait among Overgivers fan base I think. Anyway, our goal is within reach!!! To Soon Fatt!

Henri motions forwards and sets off again towards his goal before running across a pedestrian wearing a Queen of Pain T-shirt

Henri: Excuse me Miss, tell me. who is your favorite wrestler? I think I might be able to guess

Passerby 2: Helena Noir! She's SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool

Henri: You know Helena and I are good friends. we've known each other for ages... wait... Rachel LeBlanc, is that you!?!?!

Rachel: Dammit Henri, Don't you DARE tell anybody about this!

Henri: (chuckles) Oh I wont tell anybody. Don't worry. I make no promises about SHOWING them though

Rachel: Henri!!! You Son of a...

Henri: (cutting he off) Cant stay to chat, my goal awaits!

Henri and the camera crew hurry off leaving the angry Rachel behind, staring daggers at their backs

Henri: Oh man that was too funny. Helena is going to have a fit when she sees this footage, Ahh. here we are. Soon Fatt Chinese takeaway

Behind the Superstar Soon-fatt

As Henri and the camera crew arrive, a teenager in a black uniform exits the building

Henri: There he is, get a closeup if you please

As the camera zooms in for the closeup a chineese man shouts from inside

???: Wilfred, you better not mess up another delivery or your fired, you hear me!!!

Wilfred: Yes Mr Fatt. I'll do my best I swear[/color]

As the delivery boy turns away and spots Henri and the camera crew,Its seen that he bears a passing resemblance to Overgiver, though several years younger and with a smaller nose and the beginnings of a bad teenage mustache on his upper lip

Henri: Overgiver! we've found you atlast! Do you have anything to say to your adoring fans?

Wilfred: What, who are you? what do you want?

Henri leans in close and whispers into the boys ear

Henri: There's $500 in it for you if you play along kid.

the boy stands there, eyes wide with shock for almost a full minute before snapping back to reality

OverWilfred: Yeah, you know what I do have something to say! I am Overgiver. I am Unbeatable I am...

Mr. Fatt: About 30 seconds away from being fired is what you are Wilfred

Wilfred: No Mr. Fatt. I'm going now Please don't fire me I need this job

The boy runs off to his moped and rides away as the camera pans back onto Henri

Henri:(shouting after wilfred) I'LL BE IN TOUCH

He turns back to the Camera laughing

Henri: There you have it ladies and gentlemen. I am Henri Black, THAT was Overgiver. and this is Behind The Superstar

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Post by Prayme on 2015-05-08, 00:11

Razz good one !

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