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Loki's reasons

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Loki's reasons

Post by Guest on 2015-01-23, 11:21

Rachel is walking to the interview room a bit piss of. She sit in front of someone and start speaking.

Rachel Leblanc: Being honest with you, one of the best parts of the off-season was that I didn’t have to work with you.

Loki smiles and responds.

Loki: I love when you lie that way. It makes me happy to see how much you trust me to joke with me.

Rachel Leblanc: I was not joking! Now this is a serious interview… so stay out of any unnecessary subject that Is not about the show.

Loki: You know me… I am always serious.

Rachel Leblanc: Loki and serious don’t go in the same sentence

Loki: Oh… seems that you know me more than I know myself already. I am flattered, you know were that happens? In marriage.

Rachel stands up and starts leaving

Loki: No no I was joking! come back! Don’t you want to know why I did what I did last week?

Rachel Leblanc stops and sit down again in her chair.

Rachel Leblanc: Okay but stop the joking around!

Loki: you have my word.

Rachel Leblanc: Okay… so Loki, why did you help Mars in his match last week? I mean you have never spoken with him before and you even went against you own boss.

Loki: Well, it broke my heart that you were so shock with what reaper did in the ring at the IPPV. Last week I saw you confronting reaper about it and I was worried about you… so I got in this for you.

Rachel seems shock with what Loki just said.

Rachel Leblanc: You… you did that for me?

Loki: hahaha no, just joking with you sorry, I couldn’t resist myself.

Rachel Leblanc put his hand in his face covering his mouth and closing his eyes, clearly very upset. Loki quickly put a serious expression and keep talking

Loki: Well being honest I think it was totally unfair what happen at the IPPV, I mean I am a servant of justice… no… I am justice itself! I had the chance to make things a bit fairer last week… after all they said “anybody” could help Mars in the match… so I decided to be that “anybody”.

Rachel doesn’t look upset anymore and goes to the next question.

Rachel Leblanc: okay mr. justice. What are you going to do now? I mean you are in the bad side of the boss… and he will probably want revenge.

Loki: I guess I didn’t think about that but I will get to it. Maybe I should talk with Mars about it… I don’t know.

Rachel Leblanc: So you… did what you did without thinking in the possible consequences?

Loki: I guess you can say that.

Rachel Leblanc: Well i hope you know that you will have to face the consequences now. Are you not worried about something?

Loki: Well one of my biggest worries is about derrick… you know? Chaos master’s trainer.

Rachel Leblanc: Why?

Loki: He seems interested In you, I can’t let that happen.

Rachel Leblanc: I meant about the mercenaries…

Loki: oh well… I think that for next time Mars or Sketh need help I will get later in the match.

Rachel Leblanc: And why is that?

Loki: Because a hero always comes at the last moment just to make it more dramatic, you know?

Rachel Leblanc: I think it has been enough of an interview.

Loki: But I was just getting to the best part!

Rachel Leblanc: Thank you for your time mister.

Loki: You know I will always have time for you Rachel.

Rachel Leblanc: It’s miss Leblanc to you.

Rachel leaves while loki is still sit smiling and the camera fades away.


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Re: Loki's reasons

Post by Prayme on 2015-01-23, 15:39

jajjaa funny and serious at the same time love it Razz
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