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Making yourselves at home!

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Making yourselves at home!

Post by Henlar on 2014-10-04, 22:16

Hey guys! So i want this forum to be fun as much as we can so i have implemented some things for that purpose and i will suggest you other things to have even more fun Very Happy

First i recommend you go to your profile (the name here in the forum is "User CP"), there you can go to avatar and add a picture (you could put your wrestler card as i did Very Happy ) and you can create a signature as i did Smile

The signature is something that appears beneath every post that you make, for example if you look under all this post you will see my signature that it says "The chilean Wrestler and Vice-general manager of MWA" and blablabla ( go and take a look )

In "History of the federation" after each show i will add the palmares... the winnes and the losers of all the matches so you can have a record of all your matches Smile

Also the championship history is also there... which will be updated too.

Another funny thing i added is a RANKING SYSTEM... for a certain number of posts you get a new ranking. (look at mine for example under my pic at the right)

5 posts - MWA Starter

60 posts - MWA Wrestler

300 posts - MWA Por Wrestler

and more... if you want to know you will have to be active Twisted Evil

Finally i added a betting section where you can bet for the guys you thing will win the matches of the show (no real money of course lol), take a look at it at the betting section to understand better

I hope you guys like this Very Happy

Have fun!

The Chilean Wrestler and Vice-General Manager of MWA  

Palmares: 5 wins  Smile  - 3 lose  Embarassed

Championships: MWA Heavyweight Championship x1 Smile
MWA Pro Wrestler
MWA Pro Wrestler

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Re: Making yourselves at home!

Post by Prayme on 2014-10-04, 22:34

thats my brother right there!
MWA Next Generation!
MWA Next Generation!

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