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Sanji ''The Dragon'' Date

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Sanji ''The Dragon'' Date

Post by Prayme on 2015-02-10, 01:00

Cameras fades in. Sanji Date and Master Wu are meditating in their locker room.

Wu: Feel the negativity leaving your soul son.

Breath in breath out

Wu: Let the peace come to you.

Breath in breath out

Wu: Fear is an illusion.

Breath in breath out

Wu: Let your soul and your heart fuse and become the dragon you always been.

Breath in breath out

Wu: Tonight you will bring the best out of you show the world what you are made of.

Wu gets up and ask Date to get up as well.

Wu: I got something for you son.

Wu turns around and gets something from a bag.A beautiful gold and white attire is shown on the titantron.

Wu: This was my son first attire and I want you to wear it. It represent the mighty dragon from China and tonight we will be uniting his resting soul with yours.

Sanji is amaze

Wu: China and Japan united under one name Sanji ''The Dragon'' Date!

Sanji takes the ring attire as the cameras fades to black
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