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Just another Promo

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Just another Promo

Post by Guest on 2015-02-14, 14:16

" Jax Reynolds music starts play he walks to get a huge pop more cheers then boos this time. He stands on the stage looking around at the fans. He sees a lot of fans holding up signs that read ( Jax Fn Reynolds) and ( Jax for president, son) He looks shocked, took off guard. Jax mouth (wow) as walks to the ring and slides in. A ring crew staff hands Jax a mic.)

Jax: Umm wow I gotta say I want what yall are smoking cause this nuts. How can I, Jax fn Reynolds.

" The crowd says son and Jax breakd character and grins then laughs. Jax pulls himself together and keeps going."

Jax: Right. How can I give an explanation on why I attack my own partner last week! Well that's easy..I don't like Ronnie Steeler. He puts a bad name to wrestlers every where. He is weak whiny. and down right punk. Now tonight I get to show the world how weak he is. Ronnie boy understand this, toight is my night ok. Tonight is the night Jax Reynolds breaks thru the glass ceiling . Not you or someone with a gay porno of a named Bustin Dustin or some I already left in a pool of his own blood named Jason I gotta whine to another chance in caae ladder match Storm. Speaking of. Jason you speak that I'm not on your level yet you must have done the Boss a few favors backstage to getting another chance cause this nobody already whooped you son and I'm going to do it again. And you do another promo saying " I wasn't ready, light was in my eyes, I didn't train hard cause Jax not as good as me at butt kissing oops i ment kicking" We heard it before and no one bought it. So come up with better ways to give meaning behind the reason you can't win a match son.

" Jax smiles at camera and drops the mic and scene cuts away."


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