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"Doctors Opinion"

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"Doctors Opinion"

Post by Jason Storm on 2015-02-16, 02:14

The screen comes into focus on a door with a big red plus sign on a window. Below the plus sign lay the words “Doctors Office”. The sound of a knock can be heard on the door. From the inside of the room, we hear a man speak.

Man 1: “Come in.”

The man in the hallway who knocked on the door turns the handle and opens the door. As the door opens we see the MWA on hand medic, Dr. Brian Lee sitting with a patient. The patient has his back to us so we cannot see who it is. Brian Lee is standing in front of the patient holding the patients arms up into the air and wrapping a white bandage around his midsection.

Man 2:“Dr. Lee, you are needed in the parking lot right away.”

Brian Lee: “What happened now, did someone piss Bustin off again. I told people to stop doing that, I don’t have time nor enough supplies to help everyone he comes into contact with.”

Man 2: “Oh no, nothing like that Dr. Lee. Boss just wants to ask you something about a prescription.”

Brian Lee: “Alright, as soon as I am done here I will go right to him.”

With that the man from the hall exits the room. Brian finishes wrapping up his patient’s midsection. The camera moves to the other side of the room to show Jason Storm sitting in front of the doctor with his body being wrapped up.

Brian Lee: “I am all done here.”

Jason Storm: “Thanks doc, I owe you one.”

Brian Lee: “Before you go, let me ask you a question.”

Jason stands up and grabs his shirt that was lying beside him and starts to slowly put it on. As he puts the shirt on, we can see that he is in pain with ever move his body makes.

Brian Lee: “Why in Earth did you fight in that match at the Glory or Honor with three broken ribs? I have been a doctor for a long time now and I have seen many other patients with the same injury spend weeks, if not months recuperating in their home.”

Jason Storm: “Well doc, listen here. As a fighter, I have a certain standard to keep. If I can’t keep fighting through a few measly broken ribs, then I don’t deserve to be fighting at all. As for the pain, that is just something you learn to overcome and deal with.”

Brian Lee: “It must have been excruciating pain, especially with the beating you took from the likes of Ronnie, Bustin, and the other men in that match.”

Jason stands up quickly, not liking the statement that Brian just said.


The doctor backs up and hits his counter, spilling a tray of bandages on the floor.

Jason Storm: “Those four fools wish they could beat me down. It is clear to me that you didn’t even watch the full match. So let me recap what happened. Like I said last week, I wasn’t going to go easy on anyone and I for damn sure wasn’t going to go down without a fight. So from bell to bell I gave it my all. The only reason why I lost was because Ronnie took the cowards way out and used my injury to his advantage, only way that punk kid could ever beat me. If it wasn’t for my ribs, I would be standing right here with that Destiny’s case and the next contender for any title that I wanted. “

Brian Lee: “I am sorry to offend you. I didn’t mean to….”

Before he could finish Jason interupts him.

Jason Storm: “Oh, you didn’t mean to. Do something useful for once and finish my persecription so I can get out of this hell hole that you call in office.”

Brian takes his clipboard from his counter and his pen from coat pocket and starts writing something on a piece of paper. After he finishes writing, he puts the pen back in his pocket, rips the piece of paper off the clipboard and hands it to Jason Storm.

Brian Lee: “Here you go. This perscription should last you for a couple weeks. Now for the time being, I recommned lots of rest. I will go ahead and inform the GM that you will be innactive for the next couple of weeks till you are back on your feet at one hundred percernt.”

Jason snatches the piece of paper from the hand of Brian and stuffs it into his pocket.

Jason Storm: “Like hell you will doc. I am not going to be sitting the next couple weeks on the sideline.”

Brian Lee: “You are in no physical shape to compete against anyone Jason. You could cause yourself more harm.”

Jason Storm: “I will make that my descision then. As far as that doctor-patient confidentialiy thing goes, you just better hope you don’t tell anyone about this. Do I make myself clear?”

Brian doesn’t say a single word and just nods his head as he clutches onto his clipboard with both hands. Jason then grabs his bag on the floor, throws it over his shoulder and heads out the door. The camera fades to black.

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Re: "Doctors Opinion"

Post by Prayme on 2015-02-16, 19:02

New fan of Jason Storm here!
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Re: "Doctors Opinion"

Post by Guest on 2015-02-16, 20:43

Same here just stealing my heat from ronnie robbing me


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Re: "Doctors Opinion"

Post by Henri Black on 2015-03-03, 13:53

Added to the show

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Re: "Doctors Opinion"

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