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Show 2 - 2015-1-25

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Show 2 - 2015-1-25

Post by Henlar on 2015-03-09, 18:04

Palmares show 2 - season 2

1- eXtreme Tag Team Match:
Jess Grimm + The Question VS The Devil's Assassins

winner: The Devil's Assassins

2- eXtreme Match:
Flawless VS Ronnie Steeler VS SD Coleman


3- extreme Match:
Jason Storm VS Nic Nitro

winner: NIC NITRO

4-Titanium Number one contendership 4 Way eXtreme Match :
King Krimsin VS Kevin Dark VS Chaos Master VS Beast Lesnar

winner: KEVIN DARK

5- eXtreme Match:
Helena Noir VS Sketh

winner: Helena Noir

6- MWA Heavyweight Championship Match:
GiwRgos Mars VS Henlar

winner: GiwRgos Mars (by disqualify)

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