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TCD attacks Mad's Globalization

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TCD attacks Mad's Globalization

Post by Prayme on 2015-03-14, 17:11

The cameras fades in showing on the titantron the group Globalization walking backstage when suddenly a man appears just a few meters in front of them with a crowbar.
the man seems to be wearing a MWA/TCD shirt.

Com1: This doesn't look good at all.

Man: Anata no hitobito wa watashitachi no tochi no itami o motarashita... Watashitachi wa anata-tachi to watashitachi no itami o kyōyū shimasu!! ( translation: You people brought the pain in our land...we will share our pain with you guys )

As soon Overgiver realize the man is Sanji Date from The Torture Chamber DiviZion he order his crew to attack him but another group intercept them from behind.

Ashiga grabs Overgiver and headbutt him right on the nose busting his nose.

Com1: Where is the security?

Com2: Can someone please send security backstage before someone gets killed!

Sanji Date charge Lianon and strike him with his crowbar right on the stomach bending him over and strikes him back on his back knocking him down.
The assault continues with Miss Maskara and Montoya punching and stomping Walter Slow and Vladivix. Mark Valdez super kick Gunner who was still standing.

Ashiga lift Overgiver by the hair and points at the cameraman and throws Overgiver towards him making his head hit the eye of the camera.
the camera falls on the floor while continuing the vicious attacks on the group.

Com1: This is madness!

Com2: Come on guys!

Miss Maskara picks up the camera and films the group who is standing by each other.

Miss Maskara: You wanted this we're not the bad guys here..this was your second attack and this time we decided to unite our forces and bring the same present to you...hope you people don't mind!

Ashiga takes the camera put his finger on his throat and cuts his throat with it taunting MAD and destroys the camera.
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