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Sorrows of the PPV Empty Sorrows of the PPV

Post by Guest on 2014-11-13, 01:54

The titantron lights up to show Chaos Master and Derrick in their locker room,Chaos Master is looking at his PPV elimination,grimacing everytime he sees that he's been eliminated,Derrick is obviously effected by this too as he looks to be almost in tears

Derrick: You need to stop watching that,you haven't done anything the off-season,no training or anything,I know it left a mark on you but that's no need to be a little baby.

Chaos Master: Little...Baby? I am no baby, I am analyzing this so it'll never happen again and no matter how many times I analyze it... I can't find an answer,I'm too weak Derrick,I may have to go to that place...

Derrick: No! You have an answer! Don't do this to yourself,you know if you go there we may get kicked out of this fed,I don't think this fed would allow injury of most of the roster,besides you're the strongest person I know without blind rage.

Chaos Master: I am strong but not champion strong,obviously,this is something I must do and it will be unleashed tonight on my opponent,Derrick nobody can stop what's going to happen.

Derrick: I will stop this! It can't happen for the well being of everyone in this fed so if I must I will take you out!

Chaos Master: You take me out? Don't you have your own worries like Loki hooking up with that interviewer?

Derrick: Her name is Rachel! And I will do it right now.

Derrick picks up a steel chair he was sitting on and get ready to hit Chaos Master,Chaos Master just stands up and spreads his hands

Chaos Master: That's right brother,do it! Do my bidding for me. Let your rage take over! I knew you had this in you I just had to give you a reason to bring it out,is that reason your precious Rachel?

Derrick: Shut up about her!

Chaos Master: Shut me up,or else I will destroy your little crush of an interviewer,look on the bright side for once she'll be in a good news story!

Derrick lets out a loud yell while Chaos Master laughs maniacally then finally Derrick drops the chair,breathing hard

Derrick: I can't do it.

Chaos Master: I know,neither can I,but tonight I will dial up the chaos a bit,I need the strength but I won't get carried away,once I think of hurting anyone other then my opponent in the ring it makes me a little sad.

Derrick: You don't have emotions brother! So you promise that was all just a test?

Chaos Master: I promise that most of it was a test,a great magician never reveals his trick,anywho,we have a match and we must be on our way!

Chaos Master hurries out of the door while Derrick just stands in the room in thought

Derrick: I don't know about him now,but family stick together.

Derrick finally leaves the room as you see Chaos Master talking to him,probably about how long it took him to come out then they both leave the scene


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Sorrows of the PPV Empty Re: Sorrows of the PPV

Post by Prayme on 2014-12-04, 08:32

forgot to leave a comment -_- great role play
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