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Post by Guest on 2015-02-06, 18:52

"My Name Is" by Eminem starts blaring through the speakers, blue and yellow smoke bombs go off at the sides of the ramp while a spark shower begins under the titantron. Ronnie Steeler appears under the spark shower wearing his usual outfit, white tank top, white sweatpants and sneakers. A clip begins showing some of his best moments as wrestler, he walks down the ramp high fiving with fans, does the same with those around the ring and when he finishes he finally goes up in the ring. Ronnie looks up and brings the microphone to his mouth and shouts: 

Ronnie Steeler: WHAT'S GOING ON QUEBEC?!

The crowd responds by cheering and rapturous applauds. Ronnie looks around the stadium.

Ronnie Steeler: Wow! This is quite a crowd, how many are you here? Around 5-6 thousand?

Now the crowd erupts in cheers and applauds of greater intensity than before. Ronnie puts his right hand under his left arm across the upper part of his abdomen.

Ronnie Steeler: So... You might ask why I'm here. But well, what can happen when a wrestler comes to the ring holding a mic? Of course he is going to talk about something. And what I want to talk about is this: what's the point in me being in a tag team match with some no-names?

The sound "Ooooh" comes from the fans.

Ronnie Steeler: Yeah. I began the season saying I'm going to be unstoppable, which I proved by beating the legendary Jess Grimm, some dude named SD Coleman and "The Steppenwolf" Beerserker. After these, you think a tag team match with and against some no-names is a good test?
And before you start loosing your [CENSORED], yes I admit, I beat Beerserker because Mars interfered and helped me. But, the fact that Beerserker almost got the win because he used weapons more than five times can not be denied either, right?

Mixed reactions from the crowd.

Ronnie Steeler: Let's get down to my opponents... Who the [CENSORED] are these guys? The first dude is Jason Storm.

The crowd reacts through loud boos.

Ronnie Steeler: Yeah. I've seen him. He lost both his matches, one against Nic Nitro, another no-name dude, and my partner for tonight, Jax Reynolds, and yet he had the [CENSORED] to say in his interview last week that he wants better opponents. You [CENSORED] crazy? I mean, how the...

Ronnie makes a confused face and holds his head with his right hand.

Ronnie Steeler: I dunno, I don't even have the words... Not to mention his ego, that dude is like the white version of Kanye West! His ego is bigger than Russia at the zenith of its expansion! He loves himself like fat kid loves cake. If someone would ask him what's bigger than his ego, he'd say: "My [CENSORED]". He's like Kendrick Lamar's song "i (love myself)".

The crowd bursts in laughter hearing the jokes Ronnie made.

Ronnie Steeler: But ok, that's enough about Jason Storm and his ego. So, Jason Storm and his ego's partner is Chaossss... something. His biggest achievement was having his case stolen by Bustin Dustin and probably famous for how [CENSORED] is his performance on being a psychopath. I don't even know what to say about him... Next is my tag team partner, Jax Raynolds. So... I know that he knocked the ego out of Jason Storm, as impossible that may sound, and... that's it.

Ronnie looks around hoping that somebody will give him some help. Then his face brightens up, like he just invented the wheel.

Ronnie Steeler: Isn't he the guy who just walked cockily in Prayme's office asking for a huge contract? I dunno... some other no-name

(to be continued by Jax Reynolds)


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No-names... Empty Re: No-names...

Post by Guest on 2015-02-07, 15:03

" Hands on the bible by Local H starts to play on the PA system. Then out comes Jax Reynolds, he gets mixed cheers and boos as he looks around the building. He then looks dead in center to ring looking at Ronnie Steeler. He makes his way down the ramp to the ring,slides into the ring. Walks around Steeler as he stares a hole threw him. Jax signs for a mic as keeps walking around Steeler then gets handed a mic. Jax taps it to test it then lifts it to his mouth"

Jax: Did I hear you right? Did ask who am I? Gees what's wrong with the guys in MWA last week I had Jason Storm say the same thing and I made him remember my name when he woke up in the hospital asking what happen and all he heard was Jax Reynolds knock your peti ass out. Now your asking the same damn thing well. Since you havnt asked Jason Storm then Ill tell you.

"Jax then moves close to Ronnie Steeler putting the mic to ronnie's ear then whispers"

Jax: I'm Jax F'n Reynolds son.

" Jax slowly moves back from Steeler giving him look that can only be describe as lion looking at his prey"

Jax: Now back to business kid. Last person that thought he act like I was a nobody ended up needing a blood transplant at the end of night cause he be cool and he found out real fast I don't mess around and since I don't mess around is why I asked for big bucks. Now...

" Jax starts to walk around Ronnie just seizing him up"


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No-names... Empty Re: No-names...

Post by Guest on 2015-02-07, 15:18

(Ooc sorry phone acting up )

Jax: What to do about you Ronnie boy. I should just drop you were you stand but naw can't do that. Not becase your my partner tonight , no cause the way I see it,its a handicap match me verse three others so our partnership is bull. No Ronnie I won't drop you on your head cause I feel sorry for you. You come acting hard for these fans but that's what it is acting. Your just a vanilla punk *beep*.

" Jax Reynolds then gets in Ronnie face. Jax face turns red, his teeth is grinding in his mouth then leans in to whisper in Ronnie ear."

Jax: Now you know who I am son.

"Jax then drops the mic and slides out of the ring as the scene cuts"


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No-names... Empty Re: No-names...

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