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It's about time!!

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It's about time!! Empty It's about time!!

Post by Prayme on 2015-03-03, 22:55

Ventura's theme song hits the speaker out loud as the crowd cheers.Ventura makes his way with a baseball bat in his right hand and a mic on his left hand.
Ventura walks down the ramp touching hands with the fans,slowly slides in the ring between the first rope and the mat. He gets in the middle of the ring and extend his arms and scream.

Ramon Sucre: What an entrance by Ventura.

Rick Love: Since this guy turned on his father he is new man.

Ramon Sucre: Papi! This is the true identity of Ventura and I love it.

Rick Love: It's about time he shows something else than a loser in the big boss shadows.

Ventura deposit his baseball on the floor and bring the mic in front of his mouth.

Rick Love: The new man is about to speak shhh!

Ramon Sucre: Shhh you Papi! Shhh you!!

Ventura: For way too long I've been living with fears. Why? Because all I wanted is to be just like my father.

The crowd boos as Ventura refers to his father.

Ventura: I wanted to be just like him at his prime! I wanted to become the next Submission Animal!

Small cheers can be heard

Ventura: Till reality knocked on my door.

Ventura drops his head but lifts it up fast.

Ventura: The truth was speaking to me all these years but I refused to listen and reality finally decides to knock on my door...and I answered.
When that day was the last day of all my fears and my first day as a real man!

Rick Love: Proud of you kid.

Ramon Sucre: I think I'm lost who is reality?

Ventura: I took down all my fears and knocked the hell out of my father!

The crowd explode in cheers.

Ventura: Here I Am today in front of all you finally enjoying the chants and the boos! And I'm not done! I won't rest till I get what I want.

Some chant start '' Ventura! Ventura! Ventura! ''

Ventura: Father bring your lame (censored) in the ring we have a business to settle down!

The crowd continues to cheer.

Rick Love: This guy is crazy and I love it!

Ramon Sucre: I think he is insane to go against his own father like that.

Rick Love: Wouldn't you do the same?

Ramon Sucre: Papi! Really? I think you don't know my father he would beat me and you at the same time.

Ventura: And if you want to bring you two fake thugs with you bring them I have a surprise for them too!

He picks up his baseball bat from the mat.

Ventura: Come on!!!

After a short moment of no response Becky Brown appears on stage.The crowd welcome her with a huge cloud of boos.

Becky: Ventura...Ventura...

Ventura: Becky...please do not tell me you came down to tell me my father is a coward and he won't be here tonight.

Becky: You know he won't be around...he is busy.

Ventura: Ha Ha Ha! Nothing new!

Becky: But he does has something for you...and it's a match!

Ventura: A match? Against him at Dawn Of Champions?

The crowd cheers

Becky: No! But tonight you'll be facing Wicked Sick!

Wicked Sick appears right behind Becky Brown followed by Ray Luminous on his left.

Ventura: Really?

Becky: And if you lose tonight...consider this day as your last day of work...Good Luck Ventura.

Ventura facial expression changes

Rick Love: Uh Oh! This ain't looking good for Ventura.

Ramon Sucre: Ah Well...Papi Ventura is in big trouble he might lose his job tonight.

Becky: And the match starts right now! Referee get your (censored) down there!

The Cameras fades to back heading for commercials.
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MWA Next Generation!

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It's about time!! Empty Re: It's about time!!

Post by Henri Black on 2015-03-20, 02:55


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It's about time!! Empty Re: It's about time!!

Post by Prayme on 2015-03-20, 16:02

sorry brother I forgot to color it next time leave it like that I'll edit it give me warning Razz
MWA Next Generation!
MWA Next Generation!

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It's about time!! Empty Re: It's about time!!

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