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Ashiga and Bisahalani

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Ashiga and Bisahalani Empty Ashiga and Bisahalani

Post by Prayme on 2015-03-24, 01:00

Name: Ashiga-Born-Of-A-Thunder, mostly known as Ashiga (means "he fights" in Navajo)

Allignement: He rarely speaks, so his actions mostly depends on what his manager tells him to do

Character: His name tells his story. He was born during a terrible storm. A lightning stroke on the the teepee where his young mother was giving him birth, setting it on fire. When all the tribe thought a tragedy has just happened, the young mother walked out unharmed, holding a smiling baby. The medicine man immediatly dropped on his knees, saying that the kid was the son of the God of Thunders, destined to be the greatest warrior in the whole Navajo Nation. The kid grew up strong, showing amazing fighting skills, becoming the principal attractio of the local casino run by the Navajo Council. One of the chiefs, called Tongue-Of-A-Snake saw his potentil, and brought Ashiga's skills to Prayme's attention...

Style: Definitely a Power House. Still a bit rough in the ring.

Signature: Tomahawk A discus back elbow to the back of the head.

Finisher: Thunder Strike Ashiga lifts his opponent over his head with a miliitary press movement and let him falls down, hitting him with a knee to the face (basically, a GTS starting from a Gorilla Press position)

Pic: Ashiga and Bisahalani Banshe10
or this one
Ashiga and Bisahalani Mv5bmz10

You can write simply Ashiga on the card

Name: Bisahalani Tongue-Of-A-Snake

Allignement: can be considered as a tweener. He surely wants to make a lot of money out of Ashiga, but he's also a sort of father figure for his client.

Character: The classic big mouth, fast talker manager. He despise his Tongue-Of-A-Snake name, earned when he was a young the youngest member of the Navajo Tribe Council, after his father passed away. With his speeching skills, he was able to convince the elder chiefs to let him build and run a casino in the Navajo Nation, telling them that this would have brought a lot of money for all of them. No need to say that he was the only one getting rich, leaving nothing but the crumbs for the other. Ashiga's performances convinced him that the guy has the potential to make it in the wrestling business, so he left his place as the manager of the casino to become Born-Of-A-Thunder's manager in their quest to find the best company for him. Travelling this close to Ashiga, somehow changed his hearth, turning him from a greedy man to a friend and advisor for the young wrestler. Despite being very proud of his origins, he despises his "Tongue-Of-A-Snake" name, and realizes that his other name his difficult to pronounce. That's why he often introduce himself as Bobby.    


Ashiga and Bisahalani Photo_22421

On the card you can write  "Bobby" Bisahalani. thanks
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