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Parts of Bartolomeo vs Helena's Last Blood Match

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Parts of Bartolomeo vs Helena's Last Blood Match Empty Parts of Bartolomeo vs Helena's Last Blood Match

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*Bartolomeo and Helena are in the ring, fisting away at each other, however Bartolomeo gets blasted out of the ring from a powerful attack by Helena*

Ramon Sucre: "Oh my god! these two have done incredible damage to each other, both of them are nearly gonna faint out! I know they are..."

*Bartolomeo grabs a table from underneath the ring, he sets it up gently, then he brings out his lighter and starts it up, putting it near the table the table starts up a great fire*

Rick Love: "Oh jeez... Looks like Bartolomeo is about to try something crazy... what does he plan to do now? I don't think Helena is gonna go outside to that!"

*Bartolomeo heads back into the ring, leaving the burning table to keep making a great fire and both keep wrestling normally*


*Bartolomeo, with a lot of strength throws Helena out of the ring, to the side where the burning table is, it is still on fire*

Rick Love: "Bartolomeo is gonna try it! will Helena get out of there in time to avoid Bartolomeo's next attack? or will Helena be put through the fiery table?!"

*Bartolomeo decides to try and suicide dive through the ropes, Helena's reacts fast enough and sidesteps this... however, Bartolomeo suicide dives right into the burning table, breaking it... along with his face being on fire, he rolls over and over trying to get rid of the fire but it's still burning*

Ramon Sucre: "Bartolomeo in the end gets burned by his own burning table! if he can't get this fire out, he'll eventually faint from the smoke or... we'll have to get medical personal out here to put out that fire and check on him..."

*Bart finally gets the fire out, but when he stands up... the entire crowd is shocked along with Helena.. half his face is melted off from the fire! half his face is completely untouched meanwhile the other is completely burned out! you can literally see the blood skin...*

Rick Love: "That's it! I am not gonna keep looking at that, I am gonna call the Doctor out here to help him."

*Bartolomeo heard what Rick says, he barely just walks to the announcer table, banging it as a sign of warning to not get the Doctor... then he grabs a mic from Rick and then says*

Bartolomeo: "Continue... the... match!"

*Bartolomeo throws the microphone, and he slides right back into the ring, as if nothing ever happened... the Commentators are confused on what to do along with the Camera man, in order to not cause further delays, they decide to do what Bartolomeo said and continue the match*


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