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Post by Guest on 2015-04-10, 17:22

On the titan tron, the image shows a dark room filled with shadows. In the middle sitting in a ring of candles could clearly be seen Mr. Ira in all his glory. Meters away showed the remains of his sledgehammer, bloodied and broken. Slowly he raises his masked head to the view of the crowd as you suck and your a coward chants start up from the crowd.

Also heard was for chants of Dark, Strong, and Key's to return but these went unanswer for now. As the crowd continues louder they are silence from a voice on the titan tron, but it doesn't come from Ira.

Ramon Sucre: “This isn't Ira, and it doesn't sound good either, papi!”

Rick Love: “Indeed , but who could it be?”

???: Dusk to Dawn, all that is good will crumble below my Master feet.

Ramon Sucre: “Papi, this is scaring me. Who is he? Who is his master?”

Before he could get a reply, his answer is revealed a little.

???: All season my master has watched, and defeated all who has gone against him. He was watched three individuals in particular who need a thumping down. Mars, Black, Nitro, whoever wins tonight. My Master, Tactica Ira, challenges tee to a match for thy championship next week!

The titan tron slowly fades from view with the ominous challenge to the challenger and champion of the World Title.

Rick Love: “This answers some of the questions but it open's even more.”


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Post by Henri Black on 2015-04-11, 14:42


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