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Post by Guest on 2015-04-15, 04:34

*Suddenly, a hooded man is walking to the ring, and steps inside the ring... he sits down in the middle of the ring with a microphone in his hand*

Rick Love: "Huh? who's this idiot in the ring? he shouldn't be here if he isn't a official wrestler..."

Ramon Sucre: "Rick... look closer at his face... I think that's who I think it is... Bartolomeo!"

*The hooded man puts down his hood, and his face is revealed to the entire crowd, it is Bartolomeo... half his face is not there, but it looks like it's a lot more physical and resistant... some of the crowd looks digusted, meanwhile some of the fans are cheering, that Bartolomeo is back*

Bartolomeo: "Hey folks, I know I am not as handsome as I used to be... but... according to social media, a lot of you have been asking... how am I doing physically? mentally? well... our new GM is a nice guy, he paid for all medical expenses and he wanted to make sure I could still wrestle by the first week of this season... so the question is, can I still wrestle? can I still kick some (Censored) around in the ring?"

*The crowd goes quiet at what Bartolomeo says, waiting for a response.*

Bartolomeo: "The answer is YES! of course I'll still wrestle here... I won't lie to you though, I am still not at 100%, being nerdy... I'd say I am at 82.6%... but the point is, the Doctors says I am able to compete once again... the doctors made sure to make this half of my side a lot more physical and resistant... so it isn't a weak spot for other wrestlers to pick on... and before I go on about that... I'd like to make an announcement to Helena, and no, this ain't a love note"

*The crowd laughs a bit, then start paying attention to what Bartolomeo is about to say*

Bartolomeo: "Helena, what happened to me is not your fault, that was my own mistake... I tried to push through the match... but the pain was too agonizing and I couldn't fight it off, what you tried to attempt even with half my face off... you were only doing your job, and I don't blame you for that... if were switched positions during that moment, I probably would've done the same... I recklessly tried to beat you through any means necessary, and I paid the price for it... it's my own fault for attempting to do what I did, it's not your fault Helena, I don't blame you."

*The crowd claps at what Bartolomeo says, and loud cheering can be heard at him...*

Bartolomeo: "Now... I won't go on a wild goose against Helena anymore, I learned my lesson... instead, I heard about the tag team tournament that is opening up... I plan to find myself a partner and see what happens through that... during my time in the hospital... I thought about a lot of things... about the way I act... too hero-ish... too... gullible... so, I am going to change the way I act... and it's not for the better... I'll be honest with you, it's for the worse... but, I won't reveal anymore... so I hope you all have a goodnight, I know I will."

*Bartolomeo throws the microphone outside the ring and walks up the ramp to backstage... the crowd and the commentators wondering at what Bartolomeo means, and what this "Change" means... but, the camera now turns black*


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