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Signing up (Maybe)

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Signing up (Maybe)

Post by Guest on 2015-01-14, 23:36

"The scene opens up inside the MWA headquarters. We see someone walk thru the doors. He is wearing blue jeans,white Zeds Dead shirt and a black jacket. He walks up to counter were a lady is on the phone. The man leans up against the counter. Looking around as the lady hangs up the phone to ask the man if he needs help"

Lady: Can I help you sir.

"The man still looking around acting like he doesn't know why he is there"

Man: uh well I don't know if you can or not, really. Its my understanding that this a wrestling company but since you don't recognize me I must be in the wrong building.

Lady: No Sir, this is a wrestling company MWA.

Man: Oh, then you must be stupid.

Lady: Excuse me!

" The man moves off the counter and looks down the hall"

Man: stupid. dumb. Not Smart. You see honey when a international superstar walks in front you, you kiss his ass not act he coming in to stock the snack machine . I'm Jax Reynolds so point me to your boss office and maybe Ill find some time in my busy Schedule. MWA needs to well you know butter me up. I'm looking around and I don't see any cold beers or ladies for me and since your boss knew I was coming by and didn't get any I guess can go somewhere else they want me to sign with them.

"Then before the lady can say anything Jax walks away.Jax walks down the halls and sees a door that reads MWA GM. Jax walks into the room and sees no one is in the room"

Jax: Wait! I was stood up that son of a ..

"Jax walks to lady who is on the phone. Jax reaches across the counter ajd hangs the phone."

Jax: Hey hot legs tell your boss he blew his shot at having a real superstar in MWA.

"Jax walks out the building and scene ends"

**this a tbc type rp. sorry its short boss lil rusty and rping on a phone..not that easy lol but later we can talk about Jax meeting the boss to sign the papers**


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Re: Signing up (Maybe)

Post by Prayme on 2015-01-15, 10:33

Its all good short and sweet Jax Razz
I missed your role plays hope you will stick around for a while Smile
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