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Bart's Debut: Interview *UPDATED*

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Bart's Debut: Interview *UPDATED*

Post by Guest on 2015-02-20, 07:04

*Bartolomeo is seen backstage after the segment with Helena, Rachel walks straight up to Bartolomeo and says*

Rachel Leblanc: "Bartolomeo! I'd like to interview you after what you said with Helena, what are your plans with her? what are you trying to prove to everyone out there by personally challenging her?"

Bartolomeo: "Well, as you have seen, Helena has been champion for far too long, now she thinks she is the best in this federation, and that cockiness will eventually be the downfall of her... and if I am not the one that is not destined to deliver that downfall, then it will be another, then another, then another until she falls down at the bottom of the ladder again."

Rachel Leblanc: "Hmm, well said but... you are only considered a rookie in this federation, your report says that you have learned extreme high-risk moves... and you hardly fail at executing them but Helena is well experienced in the ring, as thus is why she is champion... do you have any plots to try and take the title from her?"

Bartolomeo: "... Who ever said I wanted the title from her? I said I would bring her down from the top of the ladder, I only plan to bring her down, I never said anything about her title."

*Rachel seems surprised, and yet frustrated and says*

Rachel Leblanc: "Bartolomeo... I'll be honest with you, you managed to do something that some wrestlers didn't have the guts to do, I'd say you were going off at an okay start... why ruin it now and not try to go for the title? is just bringing down Helena that much worth to you then gold?"

Bartolomeo: "Indeed... and besides, I don't think I'd get a chance like that after one talk with Helena across the arena... if that was possible, this backstage would be filling up with wrestlers trying to get a talk with her... no, I do it because she's... corrupted, to say."

Rachel Leblanc: "Wait... corrupted? what are you talking about?!"

*Bartolomeo seems as if the conversation is starting to go pointless at this point... but then he says*

Bartolomeo: "Well, as it is listed in Helena's reports... she says she wants to prove that a woman can do anything a man would do, and she has not disappointed... she has already proven that as she has greatly went up in the federation... now she's too... fiery, too violent... that's why somebody, as in me needs to put her down in her place to show that she isn't the only one with the potential to do great things..."

*Bartolomeo thinks for a second, and then realizes something...*

Bartolomeo: "You know what, maybe I will try go after the title, after she got that title... that's when her cockiness started, I admit she has great skill and have the right to be the champion, but she's gone on for too long, and I'll not leave her unchecked... the only way to save her from this corruption is taking the belt right in-front of her, only then... will she wake up..."

Rachel Leblanc: "If you say so... if you want advice, prove to Helena that you are really worth the trouble... so far you have showed that you have a great mind of your own, but that's it... you just talk talk talk, and never show up what you say, the saying does go... actions speak louder then words... I think Helena is fine just as she is... she really shows that women can be as strong as men... but I wish you luck, you will need it... espically against Helena."

*Bartolomeo leaves the interview, thus turning the camera black.*

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Re: Bart's Debut: Interview *UPDATED*

Post by Guest on 2015-02-24, 01:31



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Re: Bart's Debut: Interview *UPDATED*

Post by Henri Black on 2015-03-03, 13:43

I very much appreciate that you did your own Colour and bold/italics Wink but Grey is too light for the actions, try to do them in black Razz also Added to the show.
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Re: Bart's Debut: Interview *UPDATED*

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