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From past to future.

Post by Guest on 2015-03-14, 17:01

Rachel Leblanc and Ronnie Steeler are standing in the interview zone. As usually, Rachel is professionally dressed and smiling at the camera, while Ronnie wears his trademark white tank-top, sweatpants and trainers having a bored face.

Rachel Leblanc: Good night, everybody! I am standing here with one of hottest prospects of the federation, Ronnie Steeler!

Rachel looks at Ronnie.

Rachel Leblanc: Hello, Ronnie! First of all, I'd like to congratulate you for your win in the first ever Destiny's Case Match.

Ronnie Steeler: Good night! Thank you, Rachel.

Rachel Leblanc: You had a great season, straight wins and in the end you managed to win the case, how do you feel about it?

Ronnie Steeler: Well... all I can say is that these results show the fact that I am in a continuous development.

Rachel Leblanc: Tonight, you will face Jax Reynolds and Jason Storm having Henri Black as a partner, do you think you'll manage to win?

Ronnie rubs the back of his head and breathes out with force. By his face it can be told that he got a bit angry.

Ronnie Steeler: This match is total [CENSORED]! Jason Storm is miles behind me and I think I've already proved that I'm better than Jax. But if Rosario doesn't believe it, give me a one-on-one match against him so I can prove it one more time. Jax Reynolds is no match for me.

Rachel Leblanc: I know that it is not professional to give my personal opinion, but I have to say that you beat Jax after stunning him with a stun gun. I would not say you beat him fair and square.

Ronnie Steeler: It doesn't matter how I beat him, I got the win and that's what matters PERIOD. Wrestling isn't only about being the better wrestler physically, it's also about being able to get the most out of the rules for your advantage, YOU'VE GOTTA USE YOUR BRAIN TOO! I mean, if I'll have a Last Man Standing match someone, where there are no rules, I'll do anything to win. If I have to, I'll [CENSORED] run over him with a car. Am I right?

A look of unease appears on Rachel's face.

Rachel Leblanc: W-w-well, uhm... I would not twist the rules so much, but I assume you are right... What about the case, do you know against whom will you use it? Or when?

Ronnie starts to grin evily.

Ronnie Steeler: Hahaha-haha, do any of you realize I won't tell [CENSORED] to any of you? You can be sure I will use it against one of the champions, like no [CENSORED] Sherlock! When? At the right time, of course! That's all I have to say. See ya around!

Ronnie leaves and Rachel looks again at the camera.

Rachel Leblanc: Ladies and gentlemen, destiny's case owner, Ronnie Steeler!


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