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Retiring the MWA InterCity Championship.

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Retiring the MWA InterCity Championship. Empty Retiring the MWA InterCity Championship.

Post by Prayme on 2015-04-21, 13:24

The cameras fade in the ring with Mr.Hoffman and Idris Jackson by his side holding the MWA InterCity Championship.

the cameras zoom in towards the Hoffman who is holding a mic right next to the new belt hidden.

Hoffman: Unfortunately tonight we won't be crowning the first ever Canadian Champion...if you have watched our last PPV Dawn Of Champions...our former MWA Intercity champion ''Jason Storm'' got attacked by the returning French Legend Maxx Ouellet.

The crowd start booing

Hoffman: Jason Storm not only got injured after that Maxximum Damage...but we couldn't agree to a contract during the off season...

A Chant start '' (Censored) you Maxx ''

Hoffman: So tonight we will be retiring the MWA InterCity Championship and will review what will happen with the Canadian Championship.

Hoffman turn around and takes out the black blanket off the LOC Canadian Championship revealing the new belt.

( title here )

when suddenly Maxx Ouellet music hits interrupting the ceremony

'' I believe I will bring them all to hell with me ''

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