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Anarchy Invades MWA - TCD part 1

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Anarchy Invades MWA - TCD part 1

Post by Prayme on 2015-03-08, 16:04

The camera fades in on the MWA parking lot as a Ram Big Horn all black and chrome comes flying into view smashing through the security booth guard bar as it goes flying across the way when the truck slides sideways to a stop.

Security guards rush out from everywhere ready to make a stand when the trucks engine dies and two large men wearing masks leap out of the back. It turns out to be Ripper and Havok and they head for the security guards.

Two guards quickly grab the closest man trying to restrain him when he grabs them by the throat and lift them both over his head and slam them hard to the concrete floor with a great impact that startles the rest of the guards for a moment but then they rush forward in a mass of bodies as nightsticks go flying back and forth.

The camera can't make out the brawl as it pans to the left to see the passenger door of the truck open and down steps two men, one wearing a white mask and the other is the MAD Hall of Famer Ironbeard who quickly darts around the front of the truck to reach the brawl.

The other man turns out to be Ghost as he slowly circles the truck watching the brawl from a far as he tilts his head to the side as if studying the whole event.

Finally the driver door opens as Kraz J steps down from the truck and pulls his black bat from under the driver seat as he makes his way toward the brawl.

Kraz J slaps a few guards in the back of the head as they fall limp to the ground. as Ironbeard yanks one guard from the group and tosses him over his head against the closest wall where the man falls helpless.

Ghost continues to look on as he crouches down from a distance as if getting comfortable.

Ripper and Havok begins to pummel their way through the last few guards when Havok grabs the last one and begins to ram his head against a nearby car sending the car-alarm off. Havok picks the man up over his head and slams him through the windshield as it smashes, yet remains in place under the man.

Havok turns with a wild look in his eyes when Ripper grabs him and gets face to face with him which seems to calm him down as the crew turns and heads into the arena and out of sight.

The camera fades out.

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