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Anarchy Invades MWA - TCD part 2 ( during TCD Main Event )

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Anarchy Invades MWA - TCD part 2 ( during TCD Main Event )

Post by Prayme on 2015-03-08, 16:05

[OOC- During the Main Event]

The arena goes dark as strobe lights flicker all around the ring as a thick fog rolls out from the fans.

[COM 1]: "What is going on?"
[COM 2]: "Where is security?"

The lights return to the arena as Anarchy is standing in the ring over both members of MWA who are laying helpless.

Ghost slides out of the ring to grab a microphone from the announcers desk. He tosses it into the ring where Ironbeard catches it and hands it over to Kraz J whom is now pacing the ring with his signature black bat over his shoulder.

Kraz J: "So this is MWA..."

Kraz J looks around the arena as the fans boo and toss things toward the ring.

Kraz J: "That's right soak it in, Anarchy has come to MWA."

The fans continue to boo and throw things toward the ring.

[COM 1]: "Well we can see you have clearly invaded our show..."
[COM 2]: "But why? What do they want?"

Ripper and Havok exit the ring and begin to threaten some of the fans who are starting to throw food and drinks at the large men.

Ghost now toying with things on the announcers desk as he gives the commentary team an eerie stare.

Kraz J: "Let me guess....You want to know why we are here?"

[COM 1]: "YES! We would love to know why."
[COM 2]: "Would someone please tell me why this guy is staring at me like that?"

Kraz J: "The answer is simple...Because we can....Because you are too weak to stop us..."

Ghost steps around the desk and grabs [COM 2] by the throat and yanks him from the chair forcing him down on his knees as [COM 1] quickly leaps from his chair to try and get away from him.

Five security guards rush out from the entrance and run down the ramp where Ripper and Havok cut them off.

Havok tackles the first one as Ripper clotheslines the next one then turns his attention to the next as he grabs him by the throat lifting him up then slamming him hard across the crowd barrier as he flips into the nearby fans.

The last two guards try to rush Ripper as Havok begins to get to his feet. Ripper takes a few punches to the face when he grabs the closest one by the head and yanks him in close for a snap suplex on the metal ramp.

Havok now staring down the last guard who realizes he is now all alone. The guard tries to turn and run but Havok tackles him from behind as he smashes his face repeatedly into the ramp before getting back to his feet and stepping back towards his brother.

Kraz J: "Like I said; Too weak to stop us. And for that reason we are here to show each and every one of you just how fragile your realities really are. We are here to bring you pain and suffering the likes you have never seen before."

Ghost takes a few steps back then rushes forward dropping his boot into the face of [COM 1]s face knocking his limp body into the crowd barrier. Ghost then kneels beside his victim to stare into his eyes.

Ironbeard slides out of the ring and heads to the announcers desk as he flips it upside down and begins to stomp the equipment.

Kraz J climbs a nearby turnbuckle and sits on the top as he continues to speak: "I have been watching MWA week after week as the weak and incompetent among you show-case their case of why we should be here doing this very thing."

Havok is seen slapping a fan as Ripper pulls him back across the barrier.

Ghost pulls a bottle of lighter fluid from his pocket and begins to spray it all over the rubble that was the announcers desk. Ironbeard pulls his zippo from his pocket as he flicks it causing a flame to spark to life as he tosses it onto the rubble sending it up into flames. Ghost stands there staring into the flames as if hypnotized by it.

Kraz J: "Mark my words....This is only the beginning. Cast out your weak and grow stronger or embrace your flaws and perish like all the rest."

The arena goes dark for a moment then returns to normal as Anarchy is now no where to be seen.
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