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Roleplay Making (Explanation and Rules)

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Roleplay Making (Explanation and Rules) Empty Roleplay Making (Explanation and Rules)

Post by Henlar on 2014-10-11, 20:45

In this topic will be a Roleplay example so you can know how to make your roleplay.

Rules for the Roleplays:
-You can attack someone only if you have his permission or if you are feuding with him.
-If you want to attack someone from the Staff (Announcer, Gm or Interviewer) You have to contact Prayme or Henlar
-This is a game and TWG rules say NO OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE. But if you want to make your character say some insults try to use something like: Wrestler 1: You (censored)! But the idea is that you get those words censored!
-If someone is disagree or is not happy with the way his character is being use then that roleplay can’t be use in the show until the guys involved in that roleplay resolve their problems and both are agree.

Colours for the Staff:
Ramon Sucre - (Face Announcer):Dark Blue
Rick Love - Tweener (tweener Announcer, it can also be used as heel announcer): Green
Rachel Leblanc (interviewer): Violet[/color]
Coach Jose (interviewer): Brown

Always use these colours for the staff. You are free to use all the other colours except White and yellow, because they look very bad with the background.

The actions go in black.

Note: Always Bold all your roleplay, it will make the colours look better.

What is in red are some instructions

Roleplays example:

Henlar and Rachel Leblanc are backstage(Try always to put as much action description as you can)

(Henlar's wrestler card) (Linda Lopez's card) (put where you want the cards of the characters that appear in your roleplays... still this is optional)

Linda Lopez: Hi everyone I am here with Henlar who is about to go one on one with Beerserker. Who do you feel to have this match?

Henlar:Well... i have prepared a lot these days there is no opponent that could stand in my way... so Beerserker should be ready to be beaten.

Linda Lopez: It has been said that Beerserker has more chances than you to win tonight... that's what the fans think

Henlar: Let me tell you something Linda! What the fans think is no my problem! If they think that he can beat me is their problem... tonight they will see that his thoughts are extremely wrong!

Henlar Leaves Linda Lopez alone and goes very mad towards the locker room.

Linda lopez: Well there you have it folks... the match is coming up next!

The camera fades away.

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