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Post by Henri Black on 2015-04-09, 02:43

((will finish it off after work))

The camera pans in in the back room to show Henri Black, Nic Nitro and Rachel Leblanc

Rachel: Welcome Henri Black, and Nic Nitro, Let me start by asking how Feel about being in the Main event of MWA's first PPV?

Henri: How do I feel? Rachel, I Feel like I always feel. calm. composed and completely in control.

Rachel: Capturing the MWA Heavyweight Title what would mean to you?

Henri: The beginning of a new world. of MY world. if you want to know what that means, then watch and see

Rachel: You've been watching Mars for the entire season now, Does he have any major weaknesses in the ring?

Henri: Mars shares the same Weakness as every Roman. he is proud. He believes himself to be unstoppable and as a result he makes mistakes. Mistakes that I will take full advantage of tonight and become the NEW MWA World Heavyweight Champion

Rachel: Iron Man / Hell in a cell match a match you're comfortable to be in well it's a first for both of you so let's say how do you feel to be in a huge stipulation match?

Henri: Ironman match, Ha! All that means is I can beat him more than once, I will take my time, Pulling him apart one Limb at a time until he has no choice but to surrender. And Hell in a Cell? 5 tonnes of cold, Unforgiving steel. Its fitting, I think. For what will happen later tonight.

Rachel: What about Ronnie Steeler, he can cash in that briefcase at any time, maybe during, or even after your match?

Henri: If you harbor any Delusions about Cashing in for the World title tonight Ronnie, I strongly advise you to rethink that strategy. Challenge reaper or Helena, you aren't ready for me. Not by a long shot

Rachel: Is there A message you would like to send to Mars before your match?

Henri: The end Approaches Mars. Tonight you take your final bow, and a new star will rise. A BLACK STAR!
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